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What’s the most authentic way to charge your phone when you are outdoors?

Life really sucks without a battery or a low battery power. When your phone alert you of no battery in between of your chat, tells you the low percentage remaining battery how do you feel? When you are about to leave your home for a nice outing and you find out you don’t have enough battery to go out and enjoy the weather, how will you overcome this? Do you have an instant solution? Or you leave your phone at home for the charge? Or you will plug it in your car charger? But all will bring you to wait and just wait.

Perhaps most of the people have no issue leaving their phones at the socket or they might like to enjoy for a while with no phone calls or messages just to be an excuse for their hectic schedules. Whereas, on the other hand, this might not be so ideal situation for most of us at the same time. Therefore, if you are the one in the second condition, then you must not want to leave your phone behind or don’t want to put the phone on the charge in the car, instead you want to carry it along with you with nothing in between you and your phone, am I right?

Trust me the ultimate solution is to buy a portable charger and solve this problem once and for all. No need to worry about the dead batteries, leave your place and carry your socket to charge while moving anywhere you want via power bank.

But here is the basic question that must be raised in your mind is how to buy the best portable charger?

Which power bank will be best to charge my phone?

Well talking about myself I am a very picky person who wouldn’t settle too quickly. I must say appearance is a facade so better not to go with the looks of the product rather go with the functionalities and the properties a device holds. When you google a power bank to order online, there are so many of the options you will be flooded with. These power banks will not be exact what you will be looking for since the properties they said will not be there once you place the order. To Be precise make sure your requirements match the properties of the product.

You must be wondering what properties we suppose to look forward for. The following should be considered before placing your order.

  1. Qualcomm quick charge
  2. Smart charging
  3. Battery type
  4. Number of ports

Qualcomm quick charge

Why to settle for less when technology has given you so much to squeeze out, Qualcomm quick charge is a technology that enables you to charge your phone or any other device 2 times faster than the standard charger. It saves your time and you would be able to resume your work quicker than expected.

Smart charge

We all afraid of ruining our batteries due to overcharging which directly proportional to over discharge, plus what is voltage fluctuates and destroy your battery? It will all cause deterioration of the battery capacity. So better to make sure the power bank you are buying is able to perform smartly that is to control the voltage and manage all the charging vulnerabilities when not only your phone is getting charge through the portable charger but also when the portable charger is itself getting a recharge.

Battery type

Li-polymer battery cells are the best to store energy in the most efficient way. There are other cells as well which might be cheaper in cost and lighter in weight, but li-polymer is considered most effective in terms of holding power in more capacity for a longer time.

Number of ports

The number of ports is equally important like the battery type and smart charging features. The more number of ports, the more number of phones you can plug in to get charged.

Hope this article has given you much knowledge before you spend on your next purchase. Good luck with the purchase.

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