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WhatsApp to launch its ‘business solutions’ in Indian market

Messaging app WhatsApp is currently working on a specific set of solutions targeted at business enterprises. The solutions will enable businesses to utilize WhatsApp’s platform to connect with their customers. An official from WhatsApp today said that India would be one of their key markets for their business solutions that will be launched soon. It may be recalled that last year, WhatsApp had announced that it will be testing tools that would enable users to communicate with businesses such as banks and airline companies. Since WhatsApp currently does not display third party ads, the move to offer tools and solutions to business enterprises may be targeted at monetizing the platform. WhatsApp is currently free for customers.

Speaking about the company’s plans to introduce business solutions in India, WhatsApp spokesperson Matt Steinfeld said, “We are definitely in building the product phase. So, what you will see over the year is different tests, both for small and large businesses, and figuring out what’s a good experience for these businesses on WhatsApp.” Steinfeld added that India will play an important role in testing and launch of its business solutions. It may be recalled that India is the biggest market for WhatsApp. It has a global customer base of around 1 billion users, out of which 200 million are from India.

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