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WhatsApp turning women into a self-reliant shepreneur

The matrix of social media has evolved drastically over the last decade. It is no longer just a platform to stay connected, share photos, videos and other entertaining graphics, but has now become a major tool for brands to run business. The latest evolution is in the target consumer base of women who are utilising the power of social media to create business opportunities. WhatsApp is one of key platforms that is acting as a base for women’s journey to Shepreneurs, making their business reach to their customers. It has certainly made it easy for women in order to gain momentum in their venture. WhatsApp has become a significant apparatus for growing business visionaries to spread their business and make benefits.

What’s exceptional about this stage is the expanding number of women across India who have begun utilizing it to additional their business advantages.

1. Otipy (by Crofarm)- is a social commerce venture, currently operating in Delhi/NCR and empowering more than 1000 women homemakers and professionals in the post-COVID era. This platform launched in February 2020, offers an opportunity to earn up to INR 1 Lac per month by collaborating with the platform and creating a WhatsApp group. Today Deepa Singh, whose art business was hit due to pandemic has regained her confidence after collaborating with Otipy and has become an entrepreneur, powered by WhatsApp. These stories underline Otipy’s commitment to empowering Indian women through collaborative opportunities and well-paid jobs.

2. Meesho- the Facebook-backed social commerce enabler, has empowered more than 2,000,000 Indians to become entrepreneurs with zero capital over the years. Of these, 70 percent are women entrepreneurs. These are homemakers and mothers who dropped out of the workforce after childbirth and students who wanted to start a business but were held back by lack of capital.

3. Green and More- Nutritionally balanced salads that help you meet your dietary needs Ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers, Reduced farm to plate time, Uses superfoods and science of pairing and among other things. Preeti Sinha created this What’s app bunch, attempting to receive a smart dieting way of life, Greens & More was at first a gathering of companions who were sharing scrumptious plans that supplement a sound way of life. Before long, Preeti understood that individuals were keen on purchasing tasty tasting solid food and began to take into account them through a similar WhatsApp gathering. With time, Green & More had numerous WhatsApp bunches where Preeti and her group began to take in food orders.

4. Unique Threads – Unique threads, presents to you a vivid collection of handpicked sarees, from various parts of our country, appreciating the rich workmanship behind each one of them. Each Saree in this collection is truly unique through a detailed embellishment of chosen (selected) colors, fabric and design. Describing her business’ dramatic growth, Priya says, “We went from a bag of sarees to a business.” Unique Threads Sarees can be run from Priya’s home because all their business transactions happen over WhatsApp. In 2018, Priya transitioned all of her business operations from her personal account to the WhatsApp Business app. To ensure constant customer engagement and manage the huge volume of inquiries, Unique Threads Sarees uses the WhatsApp Business app’s quick replies and automated messages features with all of her resellers. Priya also employs the labels feature to group and identify the status of each order.

5. Marwadi Khana- Offering the most delicious and credible Marwadi food to satisfy each taste bud. Consider us daily ahead of time and appreciate a gala in the solace of your home. With the coming of WhatsApp, things began getting simpler for Abhilasha. She began sending broadcasts to individuals, who at that point alluded others, and the ball began rolling. At present, she has in excess of five records as WhatsApp permits just 250 individuals on a transmission list. “Despite the fact that I don’t communicate each day and do it just once every week or in a fortnight, 90% of my requests come through WhatsApp. It has helped me stay in contact with my clients, educate them regarding what’s going on in my kitchen, and furthermore take mass requests.”

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