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When did Wool get so Cool?

5 facts about WHY WOOL IN SUMMERS by The Woolmark Company

Well with summers approaching, you must have checked out those nearby markets for floral prints, Peter Pan collars, dresses, and various other silhouettes to look trendy, fresh, and radiant this summer.  But did you ever notice the fabric that goes into it – have you ever thought what keeps you warm and fresh when you perspire heavily during summers and in humid climates? Really, what you must know is what really matters the most – yes, it’s the game of fabric that keeps you going in summers – and all that you know, wool is the perfect fit for you – find out how?

–       Balances your skin temperature: All textile fibres – wool, cotton and synthetics – have the ability to absorb moisture from the air and release it again as humidity levels shift. It’s how well they do it that determines the effect these changes have on the skin’s temperature: the higher proportion of a textile’s body weight that it can absorb in water, the better. Polyester can only muster up the ability to absorb just one percent of its weight, while nylon does a touch better at seven percent. Cotton manages a more respectable figure of 24 per cent, but it is wool that takes the podium finish above all other textiles with the ability to absorb up to 35 per cent of its own weight in water.

–       Wool is a shield in hotter climates: Wearing a Merino wool T-shirt, the skin’s surface moisture content is maintained within the 30-50 per cent range even when exercising at temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius. In contrast, performing the same activity in a cotton tee caused the garment to become soaked – the fabric struggled to buffer skin moisture and moderate surface temperature. A simple conclusion here stands that wool more effectively controls the microclimate of the body unlike other fibers that unable to offer a similar shielding effect.

–       Delicate on skin: You must be thinking what makes wool delicate on skin, when it looks too bulky and itchy, but what you must know is that the Cool Wool fibres are more than three times finer than the average human hair making it the finest natural fabric to own, than Cotton or Polyster in summer.

–       Keeps you in the best shape possible: Merino wool is naturally elastic and sheds creases, due to its unique structure and crimp: at microscopic levels, Merino fibres are like coiled springs, returning to their original state when the stretch and extension through wear and movement is released. This helps to maintain the garment’s shape and quality.

–       Luxury, Trendy, and fine quality: Indian designers have all their hands on Merino Wool – be it the elite designers like Rahul Mishra, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Pankaj and Nidhi, Akaaro – they have Merino Wool as an integral part of their work

So this summer set the trend by being aware– drape your skin with Merino.

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