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When yoga shall be our lifestyle then the lifestyle diseases shall remain at bay naturally”

– says, Dr. Gaurav Grover, President, New Delhi Social Workers Association.

“YOGA FOR HEALTH – YOGA FOR WELL – BEING”, this year’s theme for the yoga day, which takes into account the social distancing measure and other Covid-19 protocols announced by the WHO.

Yoga is the most popular practice and fastest growing exercise trend of all’, says a social media study. Just take a walk along any busy main street and you are bound to see someone carrying a yoga mat. In fact you can’t even open a magazine or newspaper without finding an article about yoga these days. Studies have also shown that the practice of Yoga contributes enormously to one’s physiological and psychological growth. Over the last few years this form of therapy has really taken off and more and more people are choosing it among all other forms of fitness regimes to manage the occupational health. This age-old Indian science of seers and sages has been brought down to us through the contemporary yoga exponents and Swami Ramdev who has taken nation-wide initiative for anti-obesity campaign in India.

The best way to understand yoga’s popularity, they say, is to go right to the people who practice it. The most common benefits experienced are muscular flexibility, increased energy, improved concentration, reduction of stress disorders and an overall joyous feel throughout the day. The fact is that yoga can have a rejuvenating effect on all body systems including the circulatory, glandular system, digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal, reproductive and respiratory systems. “Our aim is to create awareness and bring the people to experience the benefits of yoga themselves, hence the celebration of IYD, to spread the message of Health – Happiness – Harmony while staying in the safe environs of their house” says Dr. Gaurav Grover, President, NDSWA.

Dr. Gaurav Grover, President – New Delhi Social Workers Association (NDSWA), which aims towards building a better society and is engaged mainly in hygiene and healthcare, besides other inclusive tasks of social development works is joined with his wife Palka Grover in his initiatives.

The take home point from this awareness drive saysDr. Gaurav Grover who himself is a yoga practitioner since last few years is that yoga is a scientific, non-dogmatic spiritual practice which has become a way of life of the elite and the commoners alike. It has become today’s hottest mind-body trend and keeps one’s spirits high. For a peaceful life nothing can be better than this yogic lifestyle.

At its base level, yoga calms the mind and opens the body, setting the stage for withdrawing deeper inside oneself – to a place of Health, Happiness and Harmony. It is here where the potential divine within us awakens, adds Dr. Gaurav Grover.

When asked about the yoga and its benefits, Dr. GauravGrover tells, “To inculcate Yoga as a way of life, a practice towards filtering of thoughts for a healthy mind body and soul”, for which we will create awareness about the easiest poses and fitness regimes for the common ailments which we confront in day to day life.”

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