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When you can plan to start work- out & sports activity After Covid recovery

Covid 19 pandemic is on a decline, but it is too early to predict a future course. We have all suffered and endured the personal, emotional, psychological and financial stress during these unprecedented times.
It is time to start over, but carefully one step at a time.

We are all itching to hit back to the gym, badminton courts, tennis courts, swimming pools; as an effort towards de-stress, and also gain on the health which was badly impacted due to lockdowns, restricted mobility, lack of outdoor activity and for some of us illness itself.

Doctors are advising patient’s to start with simple regimen; it may be 10-15 min of Yoga, or a 15-20 min of brisk walking, coupled with deep breathing exercises. The major impact of Covid illness has been on the lungs. While you are trying to build physical endurance, be patient, as your body may take longer to recuperate.

“We recommend non- impact exercises to all patients post recovery from documented Covid 19 or covid like illness. People should start with walking or cycling along with some Yoga stretches focussing on deep breathing exercises.” said, Dr Anurag Awasthi – Orthopedic & Sports Injury Doctor in Gurgaon.

As per report published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery JBJS (Am.) – July 2020, myalgia (muscle pain) and generalized weakness have been reported to occur in one-quarter to one-half of symptomatic patients with COVID-19. In addition to potential direct viral infection, the cytokines and pro-inflammatory signalling molecules induced by the infection could lead to pathological changes in skeletal muscle tissue. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a commonly used biomarker for general inflammation, and numerous studies have demonstrated that severely ill patients with COVID-19 have CRP levels several- fold higher than healthy controls.

Some patients seem to experience body ache and joint pain even weeks or months after recovery from Covid 19 acute illness. This has often been labelled as “Long Covid 19”.

“It is recommended to take an opinion with orthopaedic specialist before starting exercises & workout. The doctor may prescribe tests like CRP or CPK to assess musculoskeletal effects of Covid infection,” advised Dr Anurag Awasthi.

-Excerpts based on Interview with Dr Anurag Awasthi , Director- Orthopedics & Sports Injury Center, Kimaya Healthcare, Gurgaon
JBJS (Am.)

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