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Where to Look for Unique Gifts this Season

Getting creative with gift-giving can seem more and more tedious each year with so many choices, options, a variety of items from food to home decor to toys, and just about anything you could dream of available at the tap of a button. 

Online big-box shopping has changed holiday shopping as we know it.

These days, most people do all of their shopping with the larger retailers simply because there is something for everyone. However, there is nothing more special than a gift that brings joy through personalized memories.

Now you can print your albums. Allowing you a walk down memory lane to the soundtrack of your life.

Take important songs from your life and join them with memorable photographs from over the years to bring your memories to life. 

7 Different Themes For Creating the Perfect Print Your Albums for Gifts

Days of Yore

Why not create a memorable Christmas gift for your parents or grandparents by taking the annual Christmas photos of your family and pairing them with different popular Christmas songs to put together your own family Christmas album to enjoy each year.

White Wedding

Pull out your old wedding album and get ready to scan in some beautiful and fun moments from your big day to be paired with the most popular songs played at your wedding. You can pepper in some romance along with the fun as an incredible anniversary gift for your spouse. 

Congratulations Graduate

Put together a series of album prints from your child’s life showcasing their first days of school and special team moments over the years, and pair them with the popular song at the time for the most perfect graduation gift for your future college graduate.

Baby’s First Year

Newborns go through a lot of big moments in that first year. Bring your child’s first accomplishments to light with the songs that shaped their early days, no matter how cheesy. A set like this would be a fantastic gift for your first grandchild. Imagin it a gift for when your own child has their first child and is decorating the nursery.

Golden Age

Your grandparent’s big anniversary is just around the corner. There is no better way to say congratulations than with a series of old black and white photos of your grandparents paired with the most popular songs of the times. Let them take a stroll down memory lane together.

Life Events

Cheer camp or band camp may be over, but the countless memories and routines live on in our heads. Why not turn that summertime experience into a great wall of memories. Combine photos from throughout the summer with some of the songs from the program or routines. These pairs will help your camper remember the good old days filled with fun and dedication to their craft.

Yearbook Album

A lot of changes happen in one year. So many songs become popular and then fade from the charts. A gift perfect for your high school student’s sweet sixteen or end of the year gift is combining fun photos from throughout their school year in chronological order with new songs that debuted that year. You know those nominating songs the kids were singing over and over again into the night hours this entire year? Time to put them to good use. Your student will be able to take the memories of that year with them as they journey through life.

No matter the occasion, delight your friends and family with gifts that will spark joy and help you relive memories for many, many years to come by curating your very own perfect music albums from life.

Nothing is more delightful than fond memories with family and friends.

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