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Which jewelry would complement your Republic Day look?

As India gears up for its 69th Republic Day celebrations, you would have your own plans for the day. Whether you are venturing out for a formal or informal gathering, there is no dearth of options as far as your jewelry style is concerned. The dress code for the Republic Day invariably remains formal attire coupled with shades from the tri-color. And staying within these boundaries you can aptly dress yourself with gorgeous jewelry. The fashion trick for the day is to look simple and yet stunning. Now, you would ask me, how to attain this difficult balance? Well, there are many ideas mentioned below that you could use.

  • Egyptian Queen Pendant: You can grab the attention instantly by wearing a beautiful saffron colored Egyptian Queen Pendant. This pendant can work well with your saree or salwar, whichever you pick for the day. Coming with shades of saffron and blue, this will complete your Republic Day looks graciously. The tinge of metal with those black beads does the trick every time!
  • Big Jhumkas: Jhumkas are and would always remain a great jewelry for those formal gatherings. They come in various sizes, and the size you wear depends on the occasion you are visiting. Our tip for the day would be: wear small or mid-sized Jhumkas. Enlighten your personality with a glimmering Jhumka and a perfect saree.
  • Designer Rings: Being patriotic does not mean you cannot adorn your fingers with a nice little ring. There are many contemporary ring designs available today, and going by the theme, and imaging your dress likewise, the perfect fit for such an occasion would be a blue tinged ring. Stay ready for some compliments on your dressing sense.
  • Long Chain Earrings: Add some bling to your Republic Day style by wearing the trendy Long Chain Earrings. They can be the show stealers when coupled with the perfect attires. Only problem is: you would be tired of those admiring gazes. Traditionally such jewelry was available in Silver, but nowadays there are endless options. You can find them in any range of shades or materials. So, wear one that goes well with your Republic Day attire.
  • Tri-color Tassels: Okay, so you are not the one for extravagance, how about keeping it really low key with a Saffron, Green and White colored Tassel. Dandling from a metal piece, the tri-colored threads would add style quotient to your looks. People would adore your simplicity!

So, which style are you wearing this Republic Day?

By: Anita Malhotra , founder at

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