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Which pillow type is the best for you?

Doctors prescribe eight hours of sleep for maintaining one’s mental and physical health. When you do not get a complete 8 hours of sleep, the rest of the day automatically becomes rough. An ideal sleep depends on the type of pillow you have chosen to sleep on. Opting for a pillow which does not properly support or fit your neck can cause severe neck pain, headaches, and numbness in your arms.

Different people prefer different sleeping positions, and they require different types of pillows for that. But, one common aim, is to maintain the neutral alignment. With hundreds of pillows available online and offline to choose from, it becomes difficult to select. Not sure what suits your position? Read on and find your ideal pillow.

  1. Stomach Sleeper: If you are a person who prefers lying down on your stomach after a long tiring day, hoping to get a cosy sleep, but cannot get the ideal pillow, we’ve got you! Experts advise ignoring sleeping on your stomach. They consider it to be a harmful habit. But we love it anyway! So, there needs to be a solution and we’ve come up with one. Go for the thinnest pillow you can find in the market. Using a thick pillow will force your head awkwardly upwards. So, it’s high time you should replace your thick-shaped pillow with a low loft and compressed one. Utilize a proper pillow and you’re good to go!
  2. Back Sleeper:

Back sleepers are recommended to use a pillow of medium loft and medium firmness. While choosing a pillow, make sure it’s a little firmeras it would not throw back your head in an awkward position while sleeping. Pillows possessing an additional loft will cradle your neck. The best option is a memory foam pillow as it moulds into a shape which supports your neck and head just perfectly. Also, place an additional pillow under the knees to mitigate pressure from the lower back.

  1. Side Sleeper:

The most common and healthiest sleeping position is sleeping on your sides. Experts have revealed that those who sleep on their side, experience the best spinal alignment that mitigates pains and aches from the whole body. However, your comfort also depends on the type of pillow and mattress you are using. People who prefer to sleep on their sides should buy pillows that will bridge the gap between their shoulder and ear. For better alignment of the spine, place a pillow in between your knees. The pillow should be of high loft and firmer that will keep the neutral spine healthy and relieve stress from your shoulder.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know which pillow will best suit your need, buy accordingly. And don’t forget to wave goodbye to your old pillow after using it for 18 months. The reason behind it is that the pillow might carry skin cells, moulds, dust mites which can cause allergy triggers. First, maintain a healthy position and then try all other pillows available.

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