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“you can do something” screamed my inner voice. ” you are a complete failure ” exclaimed  the world . Trapped in this confusion and wrapped in the mystery of future , I asked myself …. ” who am I ?” . Every time I look in the mirror I just see a gleaming eyes staring right back to me , asking me to wake up , talking me about the person who is just complete opposite of ME . Promising a bright future , I don’t know whether the mirror is wrong or the world , as they say ” you can lie to the world, but not to your soul”. So who is lying me , my eyes, or the world . All can’t be correct at the same time, but this world can’t judge me as they don’t know what I am capable of. But neither I know this. Sometimes it’s like I can win this world but sometimes it’s like I want to run. This world is great . I have everything but still something is missing , it’s like I am a incomplete  puzzle , just one piece is missing . In the search of it , I started my journey, meeting new people , coming close , bearing all the drama and at last losing everything that I was proud of . I believed in some people that it hurts now but gained experience  . But believing them was my decision . Am I not a good decision maker? , can’t I judge people? . I have no clue . So many unanswered question cross my mind in a single second. At this age if I can’t recognize then what am I good at?. Love is the perfect healer , is it? . Friends can make difficult time easier, seriously? .  philosopher , parents , teachers forgot to tell the truth , though it is true that human is a social animal, he needs love , compassion, friends  but the truth is the successful person is the person who do not belong to this clan. He knows to be on the top , you have to lead , to lead you have to make a unique identity , as two people cannot lead the same clan ! Proving   ” too many cooks spoil the broth!”. People do not understand being attach is the most powerful drug, it can spoil you , as one fight changes your mood , distracts you from your goal. But it’s not like that you leave your loved ones alone. The one who creates  equilibrium wins!.

This world confuse me a lot. When I want to leave emotions behind, it search me but  when I crave for it , it plays game. But now when  people call me emotionless idiot I look again in that mirror and promise myself ” this world sees what it wants to , let us distract them from this mirage . The day they  will wake up and the illusion in which they are trapped would break . They would give me a different name ! . This world itself is a distraction . The day I will find the light , they would follow because  I am someone who is born to lead !”

By: tinna Joshi


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