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Why a happy inside is more important than happy outside?


All of us, quite often ask it to others and at times to our own selves– Are You Happy? This small little question surprises us all. Do you think “happiness” needs to be defined? We all know when we are happy and when not. From psychology to philosophy, a lot has been written and said about happiness. There has been many different theories that has been attached to it, like contentment, satisfaction, and to the level of even spiritual liberation.

Happiness, is actually a subjective mental state, where several factors comes into play to make someone happy. Usually being attached to some king of gain or attainment, when we achieve something, we get the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment and that triggers the feeling of happiness. It need not be only material attainment, it could be spiritual, or something bodily and physical and even something related to our mental state.

Happiness: An Inside Factor and not External

The only person that could make you happy, is your own self. We all have the power within to control and manipulate our thoughts towards being more positive. Happiness is actually an inside factor, that requires to be worked on, meaning changing the way we look at things.

No one in this world wants to suffer, as we all strive and desire to be happy and constantly work towards it. But unfortunately, in this pursuit to be happy, we forget to peep into our inner selves. As mentioned earlier in here, we all have been brought up with the idea that happiness is derived from outcomes, or people or may be events. Actually, all these pleasures that we call happiness, are like a mirror that tells us who we could be and not who we actually are.

It is why, we need to understand that if we connect happiness to external factors, we will never attain true happiness in life. In the long run we would land up gaining pain and sufferings.

As quoted by Democritus – “Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold. Happiness dwells in the soul.”

By filling up the gap won’t make you happy

Many of us have a single and ideal goal, which they feel, that after attaining it, they would be finally happy to have it. They constantly feel the lack of it, an emptiness that they want to fill and until it is achieved they are never happy. This feeling of emptiness, often keeps them away from fulfilling it. In reality, even after accomplishing that one thing, that they feel would make them the happiest, does not change things all that much as they have assumed.

Yes, they will find some temporary pride and joy at accomplishing it, but as the excitement of a brand new thing slowly fades away, so will the feeling of happiness and the same will be replaced with new desires and goals, and the cycle will continue.

Cultivate Happiness Within

In all of us, we have a feeling of deep joy and calmness, but often with time and life we tend to become so much occupied, that we disconnect from our inside and that feeling of peace and joy fades away. Everything outside distracts us and the constant mind game in our heads keeps us away from experiencing that is internal.

The most important step towards attaining inner peace is by making the feeling in your head aligned with the happiness that we want to experience. Create positive thinking and feelings around you. Learn to control the mind and cut your thoughts when you get feeling s of negativity. Move away from the area or situations and even people that makes you feel negative. Our mind is just a tool for our use and we need to learn to control it, so that it does not controls us. Practice positive thinking.

By: Sheela Seharawat

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