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Why Amazon Sellers Need Review Management Tool


In any business, positive or negative, reviews are something you must give your ear to. They are what encourage any business in getting better and giving them the least important is where the majority of Amazon sellers go wrong.

Positive reviews are what everyone desires but it may happen that some negative reviews land up on your product page in Amazon. It indeed becomes a panic situation but then, there is always a way out of everything. Anything below 3 stars in the review is considered as a negative review on Amazon. And what do the sellers do? ignore them, without knowing the impact of it on their sales. You may think what possibly a negative remark can do? Then check out the following facts;

  • Positive reviews on a product can increase sales by 20% on sites that implement them.
  • A product that has just one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than a product that has none.
  • 84% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Consumer trust reviews nearly 12x more than product descriptions.

What exactly is Amazon Review Management System?

As Amazon rarely delete negative remarks, there are other ways you can get rid of it or turn them into positive ones, one such is a custom review management tool. As said, reviews influence the purchase decisions of shoppers and so review management is crucial today for both vendors and the sellers in Amazon. Negative review management application takes care of the negative responses or below 3-star ratings that show up on the product pages thereby protecting the business from any kind of tarnish.

How Does Review Management Work?

In this tool, a personal mail is dropped at the buyer in order to know what and where the product is lagging. If in case it turns out that Amazon is at fault and not the seller then with the help of review management, you can raise a request to turn the negative into a positive one. Not only that, as soon as an order is placed, the buyer will receive the seller’s invoice along with the link for review via mail from both Amazon as well as the custom Amazon seller tool, through which the negativity can be solved and both the customer and the seller can enjoy their benefits.


Now let’s look at the reasons why Amazon sellers must engage in review management:

1. To Give a Push to Your Amazon Sales

User reviews increase conversions, hence a single negative one can impact a lot on your sales. With Amazon Review Management Tool, you can take care of such remarks without hurting the customers. Give an outstanding customer experience, respond to both positive and negative reviews publically and gain the customers’ trust, all with the practice of review management. The more the positive reviews, the more buyers will be interested in, as it will indicate that the users are happy with the product and it is up to their expectation in terms of quality, usefulness, as well as shipping speed. As an added benefit, positive reviews will give you SEO benefit as well.

2. To Build and Maintain Your Brand Image

A long list of positive reviews on your product or the series of products will build up your brand image. Not only that, the satisfied shoppers of your product will even recommend and endorse your product which will make more buyers flock in. Reviews with proof like product images, add more value to it as a potential buyer will be able to check and buy it. Upon adding social links to your products, the customer will be able to share it to social media, thus, your well-reviewed product will get good brand exposure.

3. To Increase Customer Satisfaction & Beat Competition

Review management is nothing but an Amazon Seller ERP System, using which you will get countless benefits. Leaving the negative review unattended will not only create a hatred in that particular customer but will prevent potential ones from approaching as well, reading them. On the contrary, if you respond, solve and turn that negative response into a positive one from the buyer itself, customer satisfaction will be beyond level and of course, you will stand ahead of your competitors with such an increased customer service.

4. To Get Ideas for Improvement

Reviews speak what a customer thinks about the product. By taking those reviews seriously, you will get a picture of what the customers are expecting more and hence you can make the necessary improvements in your product.

In a Nutshell

Review management is like a fuel for Amazon sellers which can accelerate the sales to a great extent. To achieve that you need an experienced Amazon MWS Developer in India which you can only find at Kanhasoft. Reach out to us if you are ready to spice up your Amazon sales.

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