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Why Artificial Jewellery Makes Sense For Weddings

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Traditional Indian weddings are known for their opulence and expensive gold jewellery is an integral part of the celebrations. The bride can be seen wearing various pieces of gold jewellery and guests and relatives also sport various items of expensive jewellery. Everyone wants to showcase their best and expensive clothes and jewellery take center stage in traditional Indian weddings. However, with the change in beliefs as India shifts to a cosmopolitan culture, there has been a trend to wear artificial jewellery instead of the real jewellery made from gold, diamond and precious gemstones. There are many reasons as to why an increasing number of people are choosing artificial jewellery for wedding celebrations, some of which are described below.

Versatile: In case of real jewellery made from gold, platinum, diamonds, etc., it is likely to be locked up someplace safe after the wedding is over. So, there’s no good use of such jewellery except the fact that it works as an investment. On the other hand, artificial jewellery is highly versatile and you can use it even after your wedding. Artificial jewellery pieces like necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc. can be worn on an everyday basis.

Easy on your pocket: Traditional Indian weddings are a costly affair and they are often a heavy financial burden on the family. If you choose artificial jewellery, you can reduce some of the costs associatedwith your wedding. With artificial jewellery, you can save anywhere between 20-25 percent of the overall expenses incurred on your wedding.

A safer option: Marriages in cities and towns are often conducted in a hotel, community center, marriage hall, etc. Destination weddings have also become popular these days. Ensuring security of expensive jewellery is a difficult task at these locations and it leads to unnecessary stress. Artificial jewellery works as a better option, as you do not have to worry about losing it or misplacing it. So, you can focus on your marriage, instead of worrying about your jewellery.

The primary purpose of jewellery is to enhance a woman’s beauty, which can be effectively achieved with artificial jewellery. It’s a wrong perception that only real gold and diamonds will make a woman look resplendent. The practice of using gold as an investment is also not as prevalent as it used to be since people have become financially more stable with a fast-growing economy. Since artificial jewellery offers several benefits as described above, you can give it a try this wedding season.

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