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Why Buddha Purnima is the next target of ISIS?

It was Taliban who destroyed the century-old Buddha statues of Bamyan in Afghanistan. The same Taliban who were once patronized by Pakistan armed forces and then left with no purpose and source of living when the purpose is solved.
The Muslims all around the world have been seen as an enemy to society and country too. Especially after the 9-11 terrorist attack in the United States. By principles of Islam, Muslims should be peaceful and faithful to their lands and motherland. It’s the radical teachings by Arab and Pakistani mullahs which turned the picture upside down. They, distorted the concept of Jihad as they understood by their illiterate religious teachers who don’t have any knowledge of the world’s advancements.
Due to the radical teachings of Islam, even the peace-loving Muslims in many countries are facing threats and persecution. This persecution is the cause of those radical thoughts and self-centered socio-political benefits which Muslim majority nations sought. Anti-semitism is one of the major games which all Muslim majority nations play to sympathies their radicalized minds in the country.
There is one community in Muslims as well which always teaches the peaceful lessons to not just Muslims but others too. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, born in India in the late 1880s is claimed to be the most modern Islamic sect in the world with a growing population of more than 200 million.
Taliban first stood against the Ahmadiyyas as they appeared to be a heretic to their so-called Islam. It was this reason that many radical Islamist clerics found it to be a very soft target for them to become the stars of the Muslim world. Many radical-Islamist organizations were born within Pakistan for the same cause. Now, there are more than 70 organizations around the world propagating anti-Ahmadiyya thoughts and all of them believe that Ahmadis are infidels are worth killing in the name of religion.
On the other hand, where other Muslim communities started facing threats from other radicalized minds have raised their concerns to other radical-Islamist organizations to deal with. Remember, radical minds can never be defeated with other radical minds but with love, harmony, and brotherhood, this is what the world needs today. One of the major moves of radical powers against Muslims in Asia was the crisis of Rohingyas in Myanmar. Many Rohingyas were butchered, girls were raped, children were beaten to death and thousands decided to leave their motherland. This is all the birth of radical-Islamist groups. Now, Rohingyas are joining the terrorist groups to avenge their sufferings.
In New Zealand, a brutal terror attack on a mosque is witnessed. Many lost their lives, if radical groups reach these victims and teach them their cause of Jihad at this crucial time, what will be the effect? But, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern dealt with the situation very well. All the world leaders including Muslim leaders praised the efforts. The world needs leaders like Jacinda Ardern.
Terrorist groups have shown their interest in Buddha Purnima in India now. To avenge the Rohingyas, ISIS, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban, and Jaishe Mohammad are combined to attack this event. This is the responsibility of the Government of India and the intelligence to protect the events all around the nation and fail their target.
By: Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa

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