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Why Buying New Gadgets Is Better Than Repairs

Just like everything else,gadgets and accessories eventually get old and some may even get damaged. In such situations, we are faced with the question whether to get our favorite gadgets repaired or buy an entirely new unit. While there are valid arguments for each line of thought, we believe that buying new gadgets works out better than getting them repaired. Let’s take a look at some key factors that support this theory.

New features: When buying new gadgets such as a smartphone or tablet, you are likely to get new features with the device. For example, it is possible that the OS may be a new version, which comes with several new features. Similarly, your new device may support new apps that earlier may not have been compatible with your old device.

Improved security: Technology is changing every year and it is not possible for manufacturers to provide support for all versions of gadgets. Due to hardware and software platform limitations, new updates are not possible for older gadgets. In such cases, your old gadgets may become susceptible to security threats. Buying a new device will ensure that it has the latest security framework to protect your data and privacy.

Warranty: When you get your gadgets repaired, it is unlikely that you will get a warranty on the device. Even if there’s a warranty, it is likely to be around three months only. So, you can never be sure how long the device will work after the repairs. In comparison, if you go for a new device, you will get proper warranty of minimum one year. You can also buy extended warranty of 1-2 years at affordable rates.

Higher configuration: As compared to your old gadgets, new devices will most likely come with a higher configuration of hardware. If we consider popular gadgets such as smartphones and laptops, we can see that memory, storage capacity and processing power has consistently increased over the years. With a new device, you can expect improved performance and reliability.

The joy of trying something new: Humans are pre-programmed to explore and try new things. The joy of unboxing a brand new device is simply unparalleled. You cannot experience this when you get your gadgets repaired.

Although buying latest electronic gadgets and electronic components online seems better than repairs, you should take a decision after careful consideration. Also, make sure that your old or broken gadgets are discarded in a safe manner. The best way is to either sell or donate your old gadgets to recycling companies. This way, the negative impact of e-waste on the environmentcan be reduced.


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