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Why cans can improve your quality of living

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Saving the environment is the urgent need of the hour to save our dear planet. This means less or no usage of plastic. For decades, humans have been using plastic and it seems nearly impossible to get rid of it from day to day lives of people. But this can be done slowly, starting with cloth or metal cans which can greatly reduce your usage of plastic. When you slowly move towards a different material, you don’t feel too bad or difficult about it.

One way to reduce using plastic is by using tin can. Cans are reusable and environment friendly. From food cans to beverage cans to special cans to store baby food, coffee, ghee and other products, you can now get cans of all shapes and sizes and that too very easily.

Instead of using plastic containers to store food, using metal tin can help retain freshness of food. Beverages like juice, milk and even coffee can be stored in cans, and the aroma and freshness are retained unless plastic containers, where you may get a burnt smell when you store something hot.

Not just limited to food, tin can is a good choice for all sorts of products – even for external use. For example, it is easier and space-efficient to store your paints, pesticides, shoe polishes and many more substances that have strong smell in these tight-lid cans, which will prevent the smell from spreading everywhere. The smell will be retained inside the can for as long as it is not opened.

There are comparatively few manufacturers of food cans and other tin cans, with one of the leading being Hindustan Tin works Limited, who have been in this business for 58 years and well explain the benefits of using metal cans, especially in today’s world, where plastic is taking the lead which should not be the case.

The company’s initiative ‘Go Green, Go Can’ is creating waves across the country. This initiative aims to create more awareness of using food cans and tin can for all household and external purposes to make life simpler and healthy. Most importantly, an eco-friendly environment free from toxins.

Here are few facts you should know about cans before you make your decision to purchase some –

  • They are environment friendly as discussed above
  • Easy to recycle and are biodegradable
  • Can store anything in it these cans even at high temperatures
  • Reasonably priced and affordable for every one
  • Robust and long-lasting, not as easily breakable as plastic

With all these advantages, the only flip side is that metal cans are not as flashy and colourful (rather they are colourless) compared to plastic. You would probably get more impressed seeing plastics nicely organised in kitchen and giving it a nice, modern look, but for a long-term, it is the quality and health that are more important than merely looks. Even metal cans nowadays come in a variety of designs and patterns that are versatile and stackable. Few day to day examples include Protinex, Threptin, Asian paints, Cherry and many more.

Go green, go can!

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