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Why can’t you put your Smartphone down?

“Why can’t you put your smartphone down?”

How often have you heard this question (which is more like a command to put your smartphone down) from your mom and dad?

How often have your girlfriend snapped at you for not listening to her when she’s talking because of your damned smartphone?

And how often have you been mentally absent from your lectures despite being physically present there just because you can’t put your smartphone down!?

Yea, mom is right when she says that smartphone is the root cause of all your problems. Okay, if you think it’s an exaggeration, let’s settle on this:  if not smartphone, but your inability to keep it down (both literally and metaphorically) is the root cause of most of your big and small problems.



Let’s start from the start. That is, from the question what are the reasons that make you unable to get your eyes (and mind) off your mobile phone? Well, the answer to it is not very difficult. Smartphone is not just a phone with which you can have a conversation from your friends and hung up. It is neither just a newspaper, which you see only in the morning and forget about it till the next morning. Neither is it just a calculator, which you use only for calculations, and nor is it only a radio used for listening to songs and rejuvenating yourself in free time.

Smartphone, is not “just” any one device, and that’s the main problem with it. Smartphone in fact, is everything you need handy. To use some poetic metaphors –itis the pleasure and it only is the pain.

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Imagine the scenario: you are reading a novel (let it be your favorite novel), and you look at your smartphone to check what’s the time. While looking at the screen, you see that there are ten notifications from Whatsapp, two from Facebook, and a number of other notifications from Twitter, Tinder, and so on. Since Whatsapp has become a common way of imparting necessary information, you just can’t afford to ignore the messages. So checking messages and replying to them takes a lot of your time. One of those messages has a video link which you just can’t resist and you end up watching all the videos Youtube suggests you. After wasting this much time, you feel it’s okay if you spend some more over Facebook and Twitter, and there goes at least two to three hours of yours straightaway.

Probabilities are that you’d resume your favorite novel only after your mom shouts at you saying the same old dialogue: “Why can’t you put your smartphone down?”

And the cycle continues….

The cycle, the chain, in which you are stuck up is that of smartphone which engulfs the whole world into it. Unfortunately, what smartphone users don’t understand is that the virtual world which their smartphone promises them 24*7, is taking them farther and farther from the real world.

You know how your friend in Canada is doing, but you have no idea about the condition of your family members. You can read thousands of health related articles and see millions of recipes on Youtube, but you’d rather spend your free time with your phone than utilizing it for a walk or to try preparing some unique dish. That’s the kind of enslavement we are subjected to with our smartphones.

mobile old man holding

They are correct when they say that technology is a good servant but a very bad master. Android versions and iOS’s have given you a lot in the form of technologies –and the tragedy is, this is not just true for adults, but for children as well. With Siri, with your friends connected to you through social media, with YouTube, and with various other applications –the no. of which keeps on increasing each passing day –you think you don’t need anyone and anything else in your life. 

But to realize the truth, you’d need to PUT YOUR SMARTPHONE DOWN!

Does this make you wonder if you are caught up in a vicious cycle? If yes, then you think right. Because your life without your smartphone today would be as if you are living in the Stone Age.    

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