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Why Couples Fight? These are The Main 10 Reasons

Whenever you hear about a couple with relationship troubles, you reflect onto your own relationship. “At least we don’t fight like that” or “I’m glad that isn’t us” often come to mind. But what do you do when it is your relationship that is in the pits? One way to look at couple issues is to see what others are fighting about so you understand you aren’t alone. Here are 15 of the most common reasons why couples are caught bickering.

1- Women usually take more time to be ready. Most of the time, women are blamed because they take much time to get dressed, and this upsets most of the men.

2- Men and women have many bad bathroom habits. Bad bathroom habits such as putting down the toilet seat, leaving hair in the sink or tub, squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle and many other habits are reasons of conflicts between couples.

3- Partners don’t share the chores. Even if the woman is not working outside the house, this doesn’t mean that she must do all the work in the house. The man can also share some chores to help his wife.

4- Shopping habits can be a serious problems for couples. Not every one like spending hours doing shopping. If you like this and your partner have different shopping habits, then don’t go shopping together to avoid such arguments.

5- Channel Surfing Can Really Get The Partners Apart. What you like to watch is mainly not the same, which make a big argument between couples. Try to negotiate and watch what both like it you will have two sit in two different rooms and watch two different TV shows.

6- Some doesn’t understand that the Ex doesn’t really disappear. You are adults now, and it’s natural to have an ex or even more. Don’t panic when you see your partner’s ex, and remember that past is gone and you are the future.

7- Wearing shoes in the House May Be Familiar for Some. The habit of wearing shoes in the house differs from one country to another. For example, it is important to wear your shoes in USA, but this is not allowed in Europe and so on. Try to make a conversation with your partner to discuss these simple issues.

8- Debts can be a problem which destroys families. Especially when living together, couples may need to take debts to rent an apartment, buy a new car, get married, pay the school’s fees… Which can really make the couple very stressed and nervous. Try to set together and talk to find some solutions.

9- Partners’ priorities to spend money may vary. Try to manage your priorities, and consider the basic necessities and the unnecessary expenses to not fall in financial problems.

10- Kids may be a good reason to fight.

When having your first child, your responsibilities will be uncountable. Cleaning the house, making dinner, taking care of your husband and your kid, changing diapers, sleeplessness… and many other duties. Try to understand these changes and help each others to overcome this stage.

Life is all about balance and understanding, so go for reasonable discussions and conversations to solve your problem, because stress and anger will just make it worst.

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