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Why does your transportation business require fleet tracking system?

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Customer satisfaction remains a high priority for every transportation business owner. Whichever city you operate in, there will be a number of competitors waiting to pounce upon your mistakes! And they would succeed only if you fail in keeping the customers happy. Entrusting your goods under the care of someone else can be a tensed affair, and transportation businesses have to take this responsibility as a part of their regular duties. So, there is a lot at stake. There is nothing to worry about, modern GPS based fleet tracking system is your answer to many problems. Such a system not only allows you easy management of the fleet but its features also help you dish out the best services. Below are some reasons why your transportation business definitely needs fleet tracking system:

  • Minimize the Expenses: Yes, installing a fleet tracking system has its own costs, but it is a one-time affair. With the system in place you can choose the shortest route and roads in good condition. While shortest routes will cut down on the fuel expenses significantly, good routes would keep your vehicles in good shape.
  • Avoid time loss: The GPS based fleet tracking system monitors the traffic condition for any specific route. So, the system would be able to guide the drivers past those congested roads. This will save a significant time that would have otherwise been lost staying stuck in heavily congested roads.
  • Cut down on Insurance Premium: Many vehicle insurance providers charge less rates on vehicles that have a superior GPS tracking system installed in them. You can save as much as 35% on the Premium costs with this utility system.
  • Stay timely: In transportation business, your reputation often hinges on the timeliness you are able to portray through your service. Wrong time quotations can be highly detrimental for your business. Many customers also want periodic updates about their shipment. You can achieve all this with a good fleet tracking system.
  • Monitor a Vehicle’s Health: Best tracking systems come with an exceptional feature; they are able to monitor the health of the vehicle. You can get a quick reading of vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, and engine temperature indicator. This helps you beat the hassles of mid-way vehicle breakdowns. You can select most roadworthy vehicles from the fleet.
  • Minimize the Downtime: With a superior route planning and time utilization, you can reduce the downtime of every vehicle. This helps transportation businesses offer timely and quick services.

So, are you ready to try a modern day fleet tracking system?

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