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Why Help Desk India should be your ideal outsourcing choice?

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If you own a business that deals in manufacturing and selling of electronic devices like desktops, laptops, peripheral devices (such as routers, scanners, and printers), etc, you know how painstaking it is to hire and maintain a help desk team for the same. I mean you simply cannot afford to have a help desk team if your business deals with the sales of electronic equipment because that will be like gifting your customers to your competitors.

Therefore, having a help desk team becomes quintessential for such businesses. Now, hiring and maintaining an effective help desk team requires a good investment of time and money. Not every company is able to afford such heavy expenditure and thus looks out for a simpler resort. This is where outsourcing steps in to play its part.

Companies in the USA and UK are especially outsourcing their help desk functions to India, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Out of these, India stands way ahead in terms of offering stupendous service level to the western organization. Though a lot of other nations have been rising phenomenally, they are still good miles behind India. And there are some very compelling reasons for that:


This is stated above too. Outsourcing your help desk to Indian call centers will trim your operational expense to aminimum. For example, hiring a beginner level technical expert in the USA will cost you 3 times more than recruiting the same in India. This margin is phenomenal. Apart from this, offering help desk also requires maintaining a sophisticated and robust infrastructure. This requirement is also washed off when you outsource to help desk India. Result? A rapid dip in the overall expense.

English speaking workforce

India has the second largest English speaking population in the world (just after the USA) with a whopping 125 million citizens fluent in the dialect. This offers a massive benefit to the companies in the USA that want to hire service providers that can offer formers’ customers a stupendous level of experience.

Tech know-how

It is of no surprise that Indians are more tech-savvy than most of the other nations’ citizens. I mean that is whyGoogle and Microsoft, the two tech giants have Indian CEOs. Coming back to help desk, businesses in the USA want to handover their support assistance to a nation that has a population, which holds a dominant prowess in technology. India produces 5 million graduates of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) every year, more than any other country. This is why Help desk India is so much in demand.

Around-the-clock assistance

India is successfully able to withstand a prodigious call center environment because employees in this nation are quite comfortable working in night shifts. Along with this, the time difference between the time zones of India and USA is 12 hours that perfectly resonates with the requirement of USA companies to offer an uninterrupted assistance to the customers, be it day or night.

What does Help Desk India Offers?

There are a plethora of help desk services that Indian call centers offer. Some of them are:

Software assistance

With electronic devices, software issues are quite common. Indian call center agents are quite specialized in locating & eradicating the bugs and configuring settings remotely. This offers a great competitive and cost advantage to companies in the USA.


This is somehow related to software assistance only. Indian call centers train their agents quite stringently to offer an unparalleled assistance to the customers when an issue arises in the installation process.


You definitely do not want to lose your customers because of lousy connectivity. Help Desk India is known to provide an uninterrupted connectivity assistance to the USA companies so that the customers enjoy top-notch service experience.


Indian call center technicians are known to offer the best remote troubleshooting services to the United States’ customers whenever the latter experiences a device malfunction or a glitch that is too hot handle.

Responding to product queries

Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated each day and not everyone is able to cope up with the same. Especially the customers. Hence, Indian call centers have agents who hold an extensive knowledge of the domain and are ready to serveyour customers 24*7*365.

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