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Why India is the leader in health services?

India is known as the Health capital of Asia. With several multi and super specialty hospitals across the country brings in an average of 1500 international patients each day. The growing trend of medical tourist attraction in India can be linked to the affordable treatment, on-priority consultation with no waiting time, and the best in class facilities offered from various hospitals. Further advantages include –

  1. Ease of travel – The government has removed visa restrictions on tourist visas that required a two-month gap between consecutive visits for people from Gulf countries which is likely to boost medical tourism. Moreover visa on arrival eased off the stay for many medical travelers coming to India with a medical reason for upto 30 days.
  2. Cost effective – the treatment cost in India is atleast estimated to be only one-tenth of the cost when compared to any developed country. With the most popular and the state of the art alternative medicines and treatment, AYUSH, India finds a prime position amongst the foreign patients.
  3. Quality healthcare service – India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals, though a foreign patient seeking treatment in India opts for the best Doctor Hospital combination. The technological advancements in healthcare IT has helped them in seeking the best satisfactory pair.  With the advent of online portals, the services taken by the medical traveler has eased off.  Many hospitals also give the option of continuing the treatment through telemedicine.
  4. Language – Despite India’s diversity of languages, English is an official language and is widely spoken. In the region of Delhi-NCR which is fast emerging as a hotspot for medical tourism, a number of hospitals have hired language translators to make patients from other countries feel comfortable along with helping them for better facilitation. has been a front runner in providing Online Medical Opinion

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