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Why is Cigarette manufacturer going on Paper cigarette Boxes?

paper for cigrette packing

Since the development of new technologies in packaging, the need for corrugated and paper-based boxes have increased. The use of paper in packaging has not only reduced the significant cost of packaging but also offers quality packaging with high quality printing and improves the performance of your packaging. A rebound in the manufacturing of cigarette boxes has changed the requirement of packaging and increased the demand for paper cigarette boxes. There are some other factors for preference of manufacturers to cigarette boxes. Paper boxes don’t only increase the value of your packaging, but create a marvelous display and incorporate quality graphics on the boxes that ultimately appeals buyers to use paper-based cigarette boxes for consumption.

Economic indicators show recovery in consumption of cigarettes more than last year and it has heightened demand for cigarette brands for manufacturing with the sophisticated packaging of cigarette boxes. High-performance paperboard used for making cigarette boxes provide strength and compression to make your boxes lightweight and compact. There are numerous environmental benefits of paper cigarette boxes and Federal regulations have also made it mandatory for the manufacturers to comply with environmental laws protect the environment from deteriorating.  That’s why the use of paper cigarette boxes has increased in the manufacturing of cigarettes.

Reason to make paper cigarette boxes?

Some countries have experimented with plain packaging for cigarette boxes in order to discourage people consuming more cigarettes, but it didn’t reduce the consumption of cigarettes at all and allowed entry illicit tobacco industry in the market.  A whole new black market for illicit cigarette brands emerged a major problem in those countries. Studies have shown that the decision of using plain packaging proved a disaster and further raised more problems for the governments. Paper cigarette boxes offered an alternative to the plain cigarette boxes and don’t attract smokers like conventional packaging that’s why they are acceptable in the cigarette packaging industry. Besides, the paper cigarette boxes are easily customizable, they can incorporate any logo, business and product information on a cigarette box. Moreover, these boxes also comply with the new regulations and don’t result in penalties by the government.   These packaging boxes provide standardized packaging and discourage appeal of smoking to the users. Smoking has increased the risks of heart diseases and lung cancer in the smokers, so the use of paper cigarette boxes give appropriate packaging for users and also reduce the smoking appeal to the smokers.

Difference Between Plain & Paper Cigarette Boxes?

Plain tobacco packaging or cigarette boxes are generic and standardized packaging that originated as a result of government regulations and it comes without printing any colors, images, logos, and trademarks allowing manufacturers to only print brand name and health risks on the boxes. These regulations standardized the basic packaging of all brands and create a uniformity among them. The aim of introducing such packaging was to discourage smoking by removing the motivation for consumption of cigarettes. Plain cigarette boxes evolved as a result, in tougher government regulations and manufacture started to focus on simplicity and creativity to stick customers with their brands. Cigarettes are packed in various methods, some use cardboard while other use paper boxes make unique and customized cigarette boxes. paper cigarette boxes are eco-friendly and come in various size, shape, and colors, allowing manufacturers to customize them accordingly. Paper cigarette boxes offer cost-effective and simple cigarette boxes to the customers. These boxes use special paper to protect the cigarettes from moist and temperature to be placed on shelves in the grocery stores. Quality printing and varied designs make these boxes an amazing choice for manufacturers to package their brands and offer customers amazing packaging for consumption.

Rules About Paper Cigarette Boxes

Laws of tobacco consumption have changed all over the world due to increased risks of smoking that led to more deaths annually. The new rules focused on removal of promotional items on the brands and focused to implement in the promotional ways. One of the major regulations applicable to tobacco product is to avoid misleading consumers about the use of the cigarettes and avoid placing any offers on the cigarette pack that increases or encourages sales of the products. Paper cigarette boxes must contain a warning about the tobacco use and should be standardized packaging. packaging should also include instructions or limit the use of cigarettes for children below the age of 18 and even in some countries, the use of smoking is limited up to 16 years of age. These rules have banned the use of glittering and catchy cigarette boxes for sale of cigarettes to smokers all over the world. New rules have also proposed a ban of 10 cigarette packs to curtain the sale of cigarettes in low costs making it difficult for the consumers to buy cigarette in small size.

Paper boxes have provided a huge relief to the manufacturers to comply with the regulations and still able to advertise their cigarette brands in a better way. Paper boxes offer the most economical choices of packaging for cigarettes and given an alternative to the present your brand creatively. Since the tobacco packaging is under constant observations, so it will be better for the companies to use paper cigarette boxes to get some instant relief while complying with the federal regulations. It is easy to customize paper cigarette boxes without spending a huge amount on it. You can get in any shape, size, and color to make your own cigarette boxes.

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