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Why Is Concrete Important for Our Houses?

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Houses are not made every day and thus people who wish to make a new house opine themselves to build it for a longer span of time. Their major outlook is towards the appearance of the structure and its durability to enhance the longevity. While appearance is the matter or artistic design, durability and longevity can only be achieved with the use of right materials in building the house. You can use plain white concrete or else, also go for colored concrete. Sustainable construction projects go for green concrete which is good for the environment and also for the building.

What is the utility of high-quality concrete?

Concrete, of a high quality, is deemed to be the source of sound health for a building. It is commonly used by the people to make any strong structure. Although raw concrete powder is environment-friendly, there can be cases where concrete is mixed with asbestos and cement an excessive use of which can be detrimental to the environment overall.

Concrete is primary building material for the construction any building. It mainly comprises of sand, cement, stones, and water that usually hardens with Concrete can be used in making plinth of any architectural structure like apartments, malls, towers, etc.

Key points about the concrete being used in houses.

#1. Properties of concrete

There are certain steps which are necessarily required to obtain concrete solution by using suitable proportions of sand, types of cement and water. Materials that are mixed in specific proportions to achieve the necessary strength, i.e. strength of mix which is given as M5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, etc, where M is represented by Mix and 5, 10, 15, etc. as served as strength in kN/m2. Water-cement ratio plays an important role which influences various properties such as workability, power, and durability of cement in due course of time. The right amount of mixture enhances the quality of the material.

#2. Making

There is an adequate water ratio which is used in the production of concrete. When water and materials get mixed, cement reacts with water, and hydration reaction starts over there. This reaction helps ingredients to form a very matrix that binds the elements together into a durable stone-like material.

#3. How is it used?

Concrete is used in two ways, categorically, plain concrete construction and reinforced construction. In Plain Concrete Construction, it is poured and cast without the use of any reinforcement. It is used when the structural member is subjected only to the external forces without any bending. One of the important components of concrete is cement, and although it provides a good binding structure, it has its own health hazards as per the effects on environment. The strength of concrete in tension is 10% of the compressive strength used in structures. For every structure such as concrete residential buildings, industrial towers, dams, roads, tunnels, multi-storage buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, sidewalks, and superhighways and may more it is used as a construction material.

The construction steps are:

  • Selecting quantities for selected mix proportion
  • Mixing the material in the right proportion
  • Checking of quality of the mixture
  • Pouring in formation for buildings and joining the blocks
  • Setting up material through pressure for proper compaction
  • During a member with suitable methods and less required time.

However, the type of concrete material may also affect the quality of its formation but that can avoided by purchasing only the trusted brands and not going for the cheaper ones just for the sake of money. It is definitely going to cost you a lot in the long run. However, concrete should be used carefully, as excessive use of concrete causes health hazards and also leaches the topsoil of its fertility.

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