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Why is Marilyn Monroe a celebrated actress and inspiration?

Though she died on 5th Aug 1962, yet the impression she left behind remained unforgettable for more than half a century. Had she not died, she would have carved out an Oscar-winning career for herself. Her identity is not only confined to a famous Hollywood actress. Here, in this article, we’ve mentioned why Marilyn Monroe was a celebrated actress and an inspiration too.

  • With her one-time roommate, Shelly Winters attended rallies protesting anti-Communists who caused the violation of civil liberties. Since she had been raised to hold progressive views on race, caste and religion, Monroe became an advocate for civil liberties. In 1960 she had been selected to be an alternate delegate to Connecticut’s state Democratic convention.
  • In the movie industry, she is well-known for her hard work and giving her best to whatever that came her way. She observed the workers in a cannery for a working-class role in the Clash by Night. She was offered the job beheading fish. The immensely successful career of Monroe wasn’t an overnight happening. She had to undergo several movie studios and witnessed film contracts expire. But the determination she had to triumph in her career took her to the apex of success. Those who strive to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal, Monroe is an inspiration to them.
  • You can’t deny the fact that she’s one of the best examples of- “Beauty with a brain.” Her book collection was exceedingly impressive. When she died, about more than 400 volumes were found including numerous first editions. Once she mentioned that her favourite photographs are those which were taken when she was reading. On nights when she got bored, she used to visit the Pickwick bookstore. Randomly, she used to open any book and when she liked a paragraph or a page, she used to buy that book.

Marilyn Monroe, a symbol of beauty, had the worst possible childhood anyone could think of. After the death of her mentally ill mother, she was cycled through numerous foster homes for many years. As a child, she was abused and even was almost killed. Her doctor, Hyman Engelberg talked about her struggle with bipolar disorder. Despite all the hurdles that came in her way throughout her life, she managed to build herself an enduring career as an actor and a social activist.

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