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Why is Raw Milk not good for health?

Millions of Indians believe that the raw milk coming straight from the udder of a cow or goat, in its purest form, is highly beneficial to health. Yes, it contains highest count of healthy nutrients but it also contains many types of harmful bacteria that are not so good for your health. You must be quite aware of the name – Louis Pasteur. This great scientist understood the problems of consuming raw milk and devised a way to get rid of the harmful components contained in raw milk. The process was rightly named Pasteurization. Let us inform you what Pasteurization really is. It is the process of heating raw milk for just 20 seconds at a temperature of 161 degrees. Heating raw milk at this temperature kills all the bacteria and microbes. But all these facts do not quite answer why raw milk is so dangerous for health. We will be pondering over that next.

Raw milk contains bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria, which are detrimental for health. Such bacteria are the worse foes of your digestive system. Diseases such as indigestion, acidity, diarrhea, abdominal pain and flu-like symptoms are commonly seen among people consuming raw milk. The early symptoms of raw milk indigestion can be felt through bouts of vomiting. While most people are at risk after drinking raw milk, the threats are larger among older people, pregnant women, children, people with weak immune system, AIDS patients and patients with other critical illness. Consuming raw milk is prohibited for pregnant women as it contains Listeria. Listeria is known to cause miscarriage or newborn deaths.

Not only is raw milk hazardous for health, but certain raw milk products are equally dangerous. And these products can also cause severe illness and hospitalizations. Paneer, cheese, curd and milk ice cream are some of the food products that can be made from raw milk and upon consuming them you are likely to face health problems. So, it is desirable to purchase such products from only the reputed brands.

Another widespread misconception in India is regarding the packaged milk. Most people believe that the thorough Pasteurization carried out by the reputed dairy brands takes away all the nutrients. This is not right. Pasteurization is only known to remove the impurities in milk and does not affect the nutrient level in any way. The core health benefits of milk are kept intact even after the process.

So, now that you know, you have got to say “No” to raw milk.

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