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Why is today’s generation ailing with depression and suicidal tendencies?

The number of teenagers or young adults going through tendencies of depression and suicidal activities has been increasing every passing day now. Various researches have been conducted on this particular issue which explains –today’s generation is facing more pressure whether it be at home or at school, there is an increase of substance abuse like –alcohol and drugs among the teens and adolescents, and the young adults these days are more worried about their family’s financial conditions than usual.

Some disturbing statistics show that:

  • Between the age group of 15-24, suicide has become the third-leading reason for death.
  • The teenagers of today’s generation are going through depression before they reach the adult stage.
  • In every 100 minutes, at least one young adult is found committing suicide.
  • Only 1/3rd of teens all over the world are able to get help in treating the issues related to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Reasons for increasing depression and suicidal tendencies among the young adults of this generation:

  1. The college-going are stressed out: The increasingly competitive environment among the kids or the genes affecting them, are the reasons behind the bubbling symptoms of depression and suicide attempts. Also, the modern lifestyle which lacks communication among the family members, less physical activity, and involvement of more computerized-factors and lesser exposure to sunshine are the leading factors.
  2. A generation that is unprepared: The generation is growing up in an idealistic environment where social media plays a major factor. As people all around are busy posting about their happy lives virtually instead of just living in the moment. The teenagers of today’s generation seem to run away from the chaotic life instead of dealing with the stresses of reality.

Look out for the warning signs:

  • Loss of hope or signs of sadness.
  • Self-esteem seems to drop
  • Spending more time in aloofness (avoiding parents and close friends too)
  • Showing uncanny behavior that includes the decrease in desire for all the things that you loved
  • When there are a lot of complaints from school which involves not paying complete attention in the class, a serious drop in the graded and getting into constant trouble
  • Having repetitive conversations which mainly involve suicide or death

The adults are advised to look out for these warning signs in their kids and take the necessary steps to help them out. Showing a little care and concern towards your children can bring about great changes.

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