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Why Reputation Management is an essential part of digital marketing?

online reputation management

Bad reputation in the digital world could spell doom. If there are certain negative comments, reviews or news coming up in the first page of Google search results, then your target audiences will a take a note of that. And worst still, they will not show any eagerness in doing business with you. This is why the first step for any reputed digital marketing agency is to check for all those bad impressions tagged against your brand name. But their task does not stop at just tracking such results, they will try to get it beyond the eyes of your target audiences with a thorough online reputation management plan.

Why does planning for reputation management count?

In modern times brands are leveraging the power of social media as well as the forums. So are the customers! Even a small glitch on your part can earn you a negative comment. And if the comment is posted in the right sites, it would soon come up in the search results (against your brand name). Many a times, businesses do not realize such negative results exist unless a reputed digital marketing agency carries out an SEO audit. Their immediate task is to replace the bad results with the good ones, thus pushing all the negative impressions beyond the second page of Google search results.

Think from a shopper’s perspective: would you be interested in purchasing items from a company that has a host of negative reviews posted against them? No matter how good the end product might be you will skip past! That is the truth of the online world, where word-of-mouth rules.

How are negative results removed?

Well the online reputation management strategies followed by the digital marketing agencies vary. But they tread on the following principles:

  • Positive news posting: The agency starts building positive content and then posting it at some of the high ranked and notable websites. In the due course of time, host of positive news postings start coming up in Google searches and all the negative ones are pushed beyond the eyesight of surfers.
  • Favorable Google first page: Agencies also make sure that the first page of Google only showcases neutral or positive reviews and comments. This is achieved by signing up with many social media and forum sites and posting favorable comments there. All the comments have backlinks towards the business site.
  • Google URL Removal Tool: If there are offensive comments or news posted against your brand, then the digital marketing agency would use the Google URL removal tool to cast away the negative results.

There are many other mention worthy strategies, but these are the most popular ones.

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