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Scarlett Johansson, an authentic movie star is a power-packed brew of the box office gold. She headlines the famous comic smash avengers: endgame, she was starred in the famous comic film Jojo rabbit and many more. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world and is widely known as the most problematic women in Hollywood. She’s one of the most wanted stars in everyone’s movie but also doesn’t accept every proposal. Hollywood stars are quiet renowned for always getting into controversies. Here we’ve particularly focused on why Scarlett Johansson is the most problematic women.  

  • This instance from the dram rub and tug started the dispute in Scarlett’s career. In the drama, Marie Gill was assigned female at birth but was annexed to have the identity of men with the name Dante “Tex” Gill. She was caught while running a massage parlour and a sex work business in Pittsburg. Though there was no assured account regarding Gill being a transgender, a eulogy run by the Pittsburg gazette reported that gill wanted to be known as Mr Gill and this came up with the rumour that Scarlett may have undergone the initial states of sex change that made her look masculine. It is not her fault, it is her work, and the director also wanted a cisgender, superstar to play the Asian character.
  • While speaking to David Salle, Scarlett said that as an actor she should be allowed to play any person, or tree, or an animal because that is her job she needs to fulfil whatever her job demands. She thinks society would be more connected if everyone’s allowed to have their feelings and not expect anyone to feel the way one thinks.
  • Scarlett had lost many of her high rated projects due to her looks and has been materialized at every turn. Her naked photographs were unknowingly hacked in the year 2011. She is one of the celebrities whose pictures have been mostly used for “Deepfake” porn with her face overlapped into disturbing pornography.


Scarlett has been vocal in many women rights issues. But the mindset of this world has become so constricted that they cannot see the good in others and just point towards one’s fault. Not everyone is born with stardom, it is a tedious process and all these have made Scarlett believe in the #METOO movement.

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