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Why Sugaring is the Best Form of Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the things we as women have to deal with on a regular basis. It seems that whatever form I have used, it is always a pain in one form or another. Hunting for a better hair removal option has been my goal lately and I think I’ve found a form that is a little bit better than the rest. So, what is this new form of hair removal? Sugaring!

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I first found out about sugaring when I landed on the blog of a Langley sugaring salon. Their blog covers pretty much any questions you could have about sugaring hair removal.

As it turns out sugaring isn’t exactly a ‘new form’ of hair removal. It is believed that sugaring was a form of hair removal that all started with the ancient Egyptians. They are rumoured to have used a honey substance in much the same fashion that sugaring is done today.

In fact, Cleopatra herself is rumoured to have used a form of sugaring for her hair removal needs!

Nevertheless, sugaring is making a comeback and you can typically find a few different salons offering the service within your area.

So, after reading multiple posts from the blog I decided to give it a go.

Here are the benefits I found:

  1. Sugaring Hurts Less: Compared to waxing, sugaring is a breeze! While it stills hurts, the sugarist is removing hair in the direction of growth, meaning they are working with your body instead of against it. This makes sugaring hurt way less!
  2. It is Gentle: I have very sensitive skin, because of this whenever I get waxed I leave my appointment swollen and red. However, sugar doesn’t stick to living skin cells due to its water solubility. Therefore, when I left my skin looked pretty much normal. Bonus; my skin was way smoother than when I came. The sugarist stated that this was due to the sugar removing dead skin cells, which gave me a nice exfoliation at the same time my hair was removed! Additionally, due to this fact, sugar is ideal for even the most sensitive areas. Sugaring can be done on almost any part of the body, this includes areas such as the bikini, the lip, and even the nose!
  3. Sugar Doesn’t Leave You Sticky: Have you ever been waxed before and had little bits of wax left on your skin? This sticks to your clothes and is a complete pain to get off! This is not the case with sugar! Sugar is water soluble, which means even if sugar was leftover, a quick wipe with a warm cloth will remove it.
  4. Sugar Isn’t Hot: Have you ever been burned by wax? I have! Wax needs to be hot in order to be used properly. If your esthetician is not careful or is in a rush, it is very easy to get burned. This isn’t the case with sugar, however. Sugar can’t be hot or it is unusable. Sugar is heated to slightly above room temperature, but that’s it!
  5. Your Hair Doesn’t Have to be Long: As we mentioned before, sugaring works with your body instead of against it. This also means you can get sugared more often if you choose to. In fact, you can get sugared with hair as short as ¼ of an inch!
  6. Sugaring is Sanitary: Sugar is not done with sticks or strips. The sugarist simply puts on a glove, scoops up a ball of sugar, and both are immediately discarded after use. There is zero cross-contamination and no chance of having a sticky mess!
  7. It Is Completely Natural: Probably one of the biggest bonuses of sugaring is the ingredient list that is used to make the paste. It’s actually incredibly simple, consisting of just sugar, lemon, and water. That’s all there is to it! So between waxing, with a list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and sugaring, I’m going with sugaring every time!

So with all of these benefits, why would you choose any other form of hair removal? My entire experience was easy, fast, and pain-free. I did not have to worry about the sanitation level of the salon, as there was no chance of double-dipping. I wasn’t worried about what I was putting on my skin as it was so natural I could eat it! I am definitely converted to sugaring hair removal and I will be using it as my form of hair removal from this point forward.

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