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Why the future of India’s luxury market will be determined by innovative marketing solutions

Bridging the strategic gap, luxury expert Gaurav Bhatia’s MAISON is helping the brands to grow and sustain their businesses

The luxury market in India is attracting a number of global luxury brands. Most of these brands have already forayed into the Indian luxury market, which with its sheer numbers and propensity to luxury, promises to become the world’s most vibrant and diverse market.

These luxury brands have also started to understand the complexities of the market. The issues that existed a decade ago still exist – high taxes, poor infrastructure, lack of staff training, no mapping of brands vis-à-vis the customer base.  They are looking to innovate and come up with better ideas to counter the complexities and tap the potential. The trendis catching on, but the Indian luxury market still remains in the nascent state of its development. “It’s a mix of things that will make it a success. No one is laughing to the bank. But it’s definitely the market of the future.  The perception is that Indians love value, but give them an experience and they are on the bandwagon. The base is very sophisticated one – we just have to present it well.  It’s a mix of things that will make it a success. No one is laughing to the bank. But it’s definitely the market of the future.”

The millennials in India are keen to relish the magic of luxury brands, who see a lot of potential in the country’s luxury market. This is where Gaurav Bhatia with a two decade long experience in the industry, having worked with LVMH Moet Hennessy and So the by’s plans to make a difference. As one of the country’s foremost luxury experts he now plays a vital role by introducing MAISON, a “young and audacious luxury, bridge-to-luxury and lifestyle advisory cell making luxury relevant and highly differentiated to India’s core luxe consumer”

“MAISON offers a holistic package to clients, which includes innovative marketing solutions, business development ideas, branding and rebranding solutions, communication and content creation, PR, digital strategy and much more. The company will assist the brands in recognizing opportunities to build, grow and sustain their business,” says Gaurav Bhatia, the Founder and CEO of MAISON excited about his first entrepreneurial venture.

The Indian luxury market is just opening up to its massive potential, making it an exciting prospect for the foreign and domestic luxury brands.  Reliance brands is on  a mission to consolidate and bring in a host of new brands into the country. Indian consumers are well travelled, curious and well-informed about the products. They can be value conscious and look for a good bargain, but they enjoy experimenting with new brands. This is where the innovation and strategy comes into play.

“Consumers are smart and hyper-connected. Engaging meaningfully and creatively is important. We like to think strategic. Brands today need to be disruptive, immersive and tell stories,” says Gaurav.

India is being seen as an imminent luxury market, with tremendous potential. The existing and upcoming luxury brands will aim to make their presence felt across the country to increase their market share. At this juncture, lifestyle advisory cells like MAISON, led by Gaurav Bhatia will play a critical role to help these brands sustain their businesses, thereby determining the future of the country’s luxury market.

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