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Why the world should take more notice of Selldretti

There’s a promising new rapper on the block, and his name is Walker Vernal Seldon aka Selldretti! Heard of him yet? The Georgia based rapper, unlike your other Southside musicians has taken the fraternity by storm with his innovative take on contemporary rap.

His first album Pick Me Up, literally did the same for his career. Taking him from the next-door neighbourhood rapper to a professional with grit, Selldretti’s music has be acclaimed by the best from the word go. His work got noticed almost immediately by his brothers D-YODA and Marcus Muscogee, who encouraged him to pursue his passion in music right from his sophomore year where he began developing his rap and song writing skills. His album too caught the attention of the finest of the industry, DJ’s, music producers and others, who took a liking to him almost immediately

Selldretti’s music comes with a backstory. The loss of his mother and grandfather at the time of being deployed on active duty in Afghanistan, changed his perspective on life. His lyrics are meaningful and inspirational, bringing visual depth to superficial words.

Growing up in a musical family, the young artist has had an undying dedication to create magic out of the ordinary, with messages of positivity reaching out to his fans, his Facebook channel SkipperVille was a window into his life and visions for the future. Inspiring lives by the million, he ushered himself into a new direction of being an artist that influences others by his work.

His recently released single Censored is a satisfying reminder of the splendid talent and lyrical lustre he brings with his music, inching us to anticipate his solo album Back to the Boom, due for the 1st of December. This lyrical mastermind is a force to reckon with bringing to the industry a fresh perspective within an aura that is exclusive to Selldretti.

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