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Why Travelling via train is best

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if you are going on a trip and you have planned to cover the destination via train. Then you need to keep some points in mind while travelling in train if your plan is fixed and date is already decided then you should book your tickets as soon as possible so that you can get the confirm booking, pack your luggage,if you have to purchase the ticket on the same date from ticket counter then you must leave for the station by keeping some time in your hand, check once if you have packed your luggage properly or not or have you missed something it will be better if you prepare a list of things you will need while travelling then there won’t be any chance to miss anything.

while travelling in train there are few advantages they are:

  • Travelling via train is not much stressful.
  • You can enjoy the scenic beauty.
  • If you are taking a long journey then you have enough time to read novel, listen to music, play games in your phone or you can also complete a movie.
  • If you are bored you can take a nap on your berth.
  • Train travelling will not cost you much it is cheaper than travelling in plane or by car which you have booked for the journey.
  • Best part is you won’t stuck in traffic jams.

In most of the countries train is considered as most popular mean of transport. Trains are fast and environment friendly. Passengers feels safe and comfortable and this is the main reasons behind choosing train for long journey. It is considered as most safe transport because of its rare accident cases or derailment. In long journeys passengers are even able to buy food and drinks on a train without stopping or breaking their journey. Most of the people love travelling in trains because they can enjoy the view of the nature the scenic beauty outside the windows of the train and for the passengers plus point is the cheapest way to travel the prices provided by the railway department is reasonable and is affordable by every section of people price may vary according to the class of coach such as for general coaches, sleeper class, AC 1 tier, AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier.

But while travelling you have to also take care of few things such as you have to take care of  your luggage, if you are carrying your important documents with you or huge amount of money in cash or else credit and debit cards then you have to be very careful you must keep it safe or you can carry one side bag and all the documents and cash in it and always keep it with you or if you your documents are in your luggage bag then lock it properly because in train you can not trust any stranger there are various types of people travelling on the same train you might not know who is genuine or who is a fraudster. No doubt train is the most comfortable transport if you are planning for a long journey but you must be aware and attentive while travelling in train. Still most of the passengers love to travel in trains because of safety and comfortness and the facilities provided to the passengers by the railways. If you are travelling with your friends and family then the journey will be memorable for you train journey holds lots and lots of memorable/unforgettable moments.

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