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Why winter is the best season for Panchakarma treatment?

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Panchakarma is a treatment methodology valued as the cumulative approach meant for life extension in a natural manner. Any time could be the best when it comes to opting for a panchakarma treatment especially when you need it. Winters can be problematic for the patients suffering from cold related issues such as Asthma, fever, cough & cold, eosinophilia, etc. Seasonal changes can be responsible for varied range of ailments.

Here are some ways a Panchakarma treatment aids you during the winter months.

1-Energy Balance:

Panchakarma being an ancient form of treatment helps balance out your energetic forces. It helps balance out your Pitta, Vata, as well as Kapha. With the continued struggle inside your body to maintain the body temperature while the climate outside is well too below the normal body temperature. With the ups and downs in core body temperature, you might experience a change in the digestive fire (Agni) which leads to creation of toxins inside the body. The 5 form treatment with Panchakarma aids the body to balance out the heat channel imbalance.

2-Asthma Treatment:

Asthma is a condition that leads to difficulty breathing that can stem from a variety of reasons which include genetics, air pollution, allergies, etc. Asthma is highly detrimental to the Prana or our life force. Panchakarma brings in the required metabolic energy, also known as tejas with added immunity or Ojas into the body.


Heightened levels of eosinophils can efficiently indicate that the patient might be suffering from any infection or illness. Elevated levels suggest that your body is trying to prepare more of the WBCs in order to fight off the infection or disease. Allergic conditions seen during winters can be the reason for increased eosinophils. Panchakarma uses herbs such as shirish, mulethi, turmeric, and several other natural products to ensure treatment of the infection from its root.

4-Joint Pain:

Winters tend to dry out the flexibility of the joints leading to intense arthritic pain. Ayurvedic practitioners use the Panchakarma methodology to even out the core body temperature building in the body’s flexibility by facilitating the self-healing process. This combination comprised of body and mind healing technique cleanses you from the inside.

So help your body handle the woes of winter with a rejuvenating Panchakarma treatment. It increases your body’s endurance, vitality, and strength from the inside with all natural protocols stemming from age old Ayurveda.

By Dr Sushma Tiwary at Clinic in Ahemdabad, India

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