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Why you should go for a saree this festive season

The festive season is just around the corner and you are still confused about you outfit? Worry no more! This article is going to be your savior as we are going to list down the various ways of donning a saree beautifully this festive season and why it is a better option. And with the modern twist that saree has got recently, everyone has indeed fallen for this six yards of sheer elegance

  1. Lehengasaree: There are multiple videos available online that demonstrates ways in which you can drape your saree giving it the look of a lehenga. Try some of those tricks and save some extra bucks by not investing in a new lehenga
  1. Belt it up: This trick amps ups your entire saree look in a jiffy! Just take a belt that you think will add some contrast to your saree and wrap it just at the lower end of your blouse. This look also helps you in keeping you pallu intact without the hassles of it flowing from one end to the other.
  1. Cape saree: For achieving this look you just need to get you blouse designed in a way that it has a cape on the top . Now wear it with you saree as you normally do, and voila! Your cape saree look is ready to turn heads.
  1. Saree gown: You may either download such saree gown images online and ask your tailor to make it in your size, or directly buy it from a boutique or a store. In this look the blouse, the lower part of the saree, and the pallu, everything is stitched together as one piece.
  1. Pant saree: This look has been donned by quite a lot of people already but it is indeed here to stay. Just replaceyour petticoat with a solid pant or denims of your choice matching your saree and start draping the saree from the pleat section directly.

And it is not just about the designs and look that we are trying to share here with our readers. There is more to it. Apart from the basic and most evident fact that sarees looks so elegant and beautiful, there are various other reasons as well why you should opt for sarees. Sharing few points below:

  1. Promoting locals fabrics, designs, and artisans: One may like a certain fabric of saree while other will have their own preference. You choose according to your preference and design it in your own customized way.
  1. It is our TRADITION: While most of the millennials are wasting their money spending on expensive clothes from western brands, saree is gradually becoming a hot favourite. Take pride in your culture and do give it a try in case you have not done already.
  1. Easily available: This is by far the best point. Our mothers have a huge collection of sarees with varied fabrics, print, and designs. Moreover, there is not any fitting issues as well so you just have to pick the one that you think will look best on you.

So after reading  this article, go take a sneak peek in to your mom’s wardrobe and decide which is going to be your pick for the next festival/occasion.

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