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Why you should not be using detergent on some specific clothes

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Even if you think you have been washing clothes for year there are still chances that you might not be aware of certain facts. One of such topic is of usage of detergent while doing the laundry. Be it machine washing or hand washing, the usage of detergent is a crucial step that should be monitored. While we all know that detergent is the key ingredient that is responsible for daily laundry cleaning, but there are certain clothes that do not really react well to this chemical. Results can include colour fading, shrinking, colour bleeding, bubbling, hardening of the fabric, etc.

Detergents are made of certain chemicals, and not all chemicals are good for all fabrics. Hence, it is always advisable to use liquid detergent for all your clothes, the reason is that liquid detergents are way too gentle on clothes and does not ruin the fabric strands. This not only helps in keeping fresh looking for years, but also cleans them better. So if not for anything else, at least be kind on yourself and take the wise decision.

If one uses powder detergent for cleaning clothes, it takes more time and water to rinse it thoroughly as it lathers way too much. So getting rid of the lather completely becomes a task and takes longer. More importantly, the harsh detergent powders also take away the moisture from your hands and makes them immensely dry and rough.

Whenever buying any detergent (liquid or powder), it is always advisable to take a look on the panel that lists the ingredients used. The more chemicals mentioned, worse it will be for your clothes. Try to go for a product that is close to natural ingredients and very mild cleansing chemicals. Liquid detergent dissolves quickly and evenly in the water and hence does not leave marks on the clothes, which you may see after washing your clothes in detergent powder.

One very important step that all should include in the laundry cleaning is to rinse all clothes in fabric softener after cleaning. This helps retain the softness and colour of your clothes and keeps them looking like new for a long time.


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