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Why You’re not Losing Weight? Here’s The Secret

Many people work hard to do something challenging like losing weight and getting a better shape, but they fail to stick to it.

Why? Because they want everything immediately.

Whereas the secret is to start small and not go all in. Changing everything from the first day will end in not changing anything.

Take losing weight…

Losing weight is so hard, but the only way to succeed is not as we all believe. Adopting a complicated, comprehensive program of diet and exercise will not help you lose weight and stay slim, especially that within a day or two at most you will begin to feel oppressive.

The result is : You start slipping.

At first, you begin to slip in small ways, like taking a couple of doughnuts in the car because you don’t have time to cook, your kid has a school event so you can’t fit in your evening jog, or you don’t have time to stop at the gym…

By time… you go back to the starting point and nothing changes.

Does it sound familiar?

The problem is not in the program itself, actually, most comprehensive weight-loss programs and comprehensive fitness programs work with many people. However, the problem is that those programs require such major changes to your lifestyle. This is impossible to happen overnight, because when you you change your lifestyle and habits in one day then miss a step, you will feel as you’re failing completely and you just quit.

Instead, let’s try to begin with just these five changes, and then see what will happen:

  1. Drink a glass of water before every meal.
    Drinking a glass of water before each meal will make you feel a little more full, and you will eat a little bit less.
  2. Eat one really healthy meal.
    Begin by changing only one meal of the day to a healthy one, then by time change gradually all what you eat to healthy food. Try one portion of protein, a vegetable or fruit, four or five almonds, some fresh juice..You can try a can of tuna and two apples, a skinless chicken breast and some cucumbers or any other protein-fruit /vegetable combination.

    3. Use your lunch to be active.
    Take only 30 minutes to eat. Then do something else like going alone or with a walking buddy or you can have walking meetings. You can also do some push-ups or sit-ups.
    It doesn’t matter what you, just do something to burn a few calories.

  1. Eat one meal-replacement bar.
    Although most protein bars taste like flavored sawdust, they are nutritious and low in calories, so take one as a light lunch.

    5. Complete a physical challenge each week.
    At the beginning, it is not a good thing to suddenly change yourself to a gym rat. Instead, pick one physical challenge once a week like a really long walk, a long bike ride, a testing hike or any other activity.

Do these five things, and day by day you will realize that  your mindset and physique is gradually changing. After sometime, you can begin to follow some harder tips to lose weight, and they will work because your body is had used to a healthy lifestyle.

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