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Wildfire guts 100 homes in Chile

586b5c99c3618883588b45bfA savage wildfire has gutted over 100 houses in the coastal Chilean city of Valparaiso. Chilean authorities successfully evacuated over 400 people and there have been no reported deaths. About 19 people are said to be undergoing treatment due to smoke inhalation. The fire is believed to have broken out due to high winds which fanned and spread the fire. Chilean authorities have issued a maximum red alert in response to the fires that broke out.

The fire is believed to have started in the forest of the hilly region and was spread by the heavy winds, has destroyed over 100 homes and over 50 hectares of land. Electricity services had to be halted for some 47,000 people for sometime, but the Interior Minister later confirmed that the power had been restored to all but 350 residences.

Authorities confirmed that hundreds of firefighters had been working to put out the fire. Helicopters were also dumping water on the fire.

The city of Valparaiso is a UNESCO World heritage site and is located about 120 km north west of the Chilean capital of Santiago. The site is touted as an outstanding example of late 19th century architectural development in Latin America. The city of Valparaiso is an important port and has over 285,000 residents.


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