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Will Trump lose the 2020 Elections? Why?

Right now, the most critical agenda that needs the world’s attention is not whether President Trump is going to lose or win the elections of 2020. As a matter of fact, the prime focus has been shifted to the testimonial given by Michael Cohen. Cohen is the former fixer of Donald Trump, and his congressional testimony just ended in February. Before leaving Michael dangled in front of us a nightmarish possibility –that even if Trump lost the 2020 elections, he might continue to remain the President.

Well, right now this statement might seem like a vague accusation to the readers, Michael had to say that judging by his experience there is never going to be a peaceful transition of power after the 2020 elections. Although Cohen’s comment seems more likely hyperbolic to us right now, it is definitely worth considering seriously. Just aftermath of 2018, Trump blatantly made statements in front of the reporters about Republicans never winning the elections because of the potential illegal votes made.

Also, in the 2016 presidential debate, Trump’s answer to whether or not he would accept the defeat or not was more like keeping the audience in suspense. Here we have listed a few reasons that could support the cause that even if Trump the 2020 elections, he is very less likely to give up on the Presidential seat.

1-The upcoming elections are proceeding closer:

If Trump loses in a blowout in the forthcoming elections, then making allegations about illegal voting is going to do no good. There have been incidents in the past in which entrenched autocrats have been forced from office when they were defeated heftily. This 2020 election is likely to be a nail-biter competition. And if in case the results come up to be in an intermediate stage, Donald Trump could declare it as a fraud. And there is no particular mechanism that could prove otherwise.

2-If Trump claims fraud and is backed up by the Republicans:

When the polls are decided on a very close difference and the new President has been declared and all ready to take over the stage and give their victory speech; that is when you see tweets about fraud voting methods being used. What if Trump goes on tweeting about 100,000 illegal immigrants in Michigan voting and the polls in Philadelphia being kept open for more than the hours that were allowed?

And the President does nothing to congratulate his opponent, and at the press conference, the declaration has been made by his secretary that Trump is not going to concede. In the best-case scenario, only the Republicans can talk him down. But, if they did otherwise and supported him with the cause; that is when the problem will begin!

3-Courts taking side with the GOP:

At this point it is very likely that the results of the upcoming elections are going to be challenged in the court. The Trump campaign could claim that the counties inclined towards Democratic as irregularities and ask the judge to toss off the results. That would allow him to remain the President of the United States.

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