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WIN X U.S. Embassy – Youth to Youth

WIN is takingforward the conversation on Youth Empowerment, on August 19th, 2021, at 4:00 PM. In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, WIN presents to you an exceptional panel discussion with some of India’s female change makers and trailblazers such as Achint Kaur – reputed Indian television and Cinema actress; Tritha Sinha – upcoming singer, teacher, and activist, featured on BBC, Arte; Sargam Dhawan Bhayana – entrepreneur, founder of Tressmart India and Director of Paul Penders Botanicals; Satshya Tharien – blogger, journalist andcontent creator; Mriganka Dadwal – activist/ former journalist and founder of Street Level Awareness Program (S.L.A.P.); Shamoly Khera – renowned Indian Media personality and Author; and Stuti Jalan-founder of Women Inspiring Network.

The discussion is essentially a ‘Youth to Youth’conversation that aims to give some fresh new outlooks and stances with respect to Youth empowerment. The session will also shed light on matters, such as social media being a magnanimous medium that’s letting people have a voice and take charge of their lives, what the future hold for the digital wave of empowerment among the youth today, etc. The youth of the nation can surely #BeTheChange once they begin to recognize the power of their voice. Each panelist will bring forth a unique perspective to the table.

Achint Kaur is a reputed Indian television, theater, and Cinema actress and is known for her versatile performances.

Tritha Sinha is an upcoming singer, teacher and activist, featured on BBC, Arte.She has been singing as a solo artist for a decade now. She made a name for herself as a Bollywood singer in her hometown of Kolkata, and is trained in Indian classical singing. She has collaborated with a wide range of Indian and Western musicians. She is also the founder of ‘Stop Patriarchy and Create Equality’ (SPACE).

Sargam Dhawan Bhayana is a successful entrepreneur, founder of Tressmart India and Director of Paul Penders Botanicals. At a young age of 26 years, she has already bagged a lot of laurels and awards throughout her entrepreneurial journey so far.

Satshya Tharien is an ‘Edutainment Content Creator’ and a blogger who has used her social media presence to sensitize the society on issues that are its very backbone. She’s now an independent content creator who grew her audience from 5000 to over 40,000+ people during the tumultuous year of 2020, with her light-hearted content.

Mriganka Dadwal is an activist and the Founder-Director ofStreet Level Awareness Program (SLAP) – anNGO dedicated to preventing Gender-basedViolence in India.She is a former Zee Business & PTI Journalist. Mriganka has run powerful campaigns on Women Safety & Gender

sensitization for Govt of India, US Embassy in India, Krav Maga France & DelhiUniversity.

Dr. Shamoly Khera is a renowned Indian media personality and author.She is a well-known personality in the Indian media and TV industry. She has many accolades to her name and has had an illustrious career as a TV Presenter, content producer, public speaker,celebrity coach and as an Author.

Stuti Jalan runs one of India’s most niche and upcoming public relations as well as social media companies called Crosshairs Communications.She was just 23 years old then she founded the organization. The company has grown since its inception through strategic and effective planning fused with innovative ideas and leadership. She is also the founder of Women Inspiring Network, which is an NPO and an inspirational storytelling network to connect aspiring woman leaders from different walks of life.

Stuti Jalanstates that “Youth empowerment is absolutely imperative. I believe that if the youth possess the requisite strength and dynamism, they’ll arise and act to generate a quantum transformation in the society. It would be intriguing to discuss this further with such renowned panelists on-board.”

Margaret MacLeod, Cultural and Educational Affairs Deputy, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi Quotes:

‘The U.S. government sees youth not just as beneficiaries but as leaders and partners in finding solutions to our shared challenges.  We value their engagement on economic development and social encouragement of their involvement. The generational impact of COVID-19 on economic development has made youth voices more important than ever.’

This insightful, in-depth session highlighting the need for and the essence of empowering the youth of the country will be broadcasted across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


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