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Winners of the third season of “Innovation Jockeys” announced by Accenture

Over 54,300 registrations, 1,300 submissions from across 400 campuses

 Accenture, in partnership with Yahoo, announced the winners of the third season of Innovation Jockeys, The Hunt for India’s most Innovative Minds in a glittering award ceremony held in Bangalore.

 This year’s contest focused on Disruptive Technology Innovations related to the themes- Internet of Things and Digital Government, and it focused on discovering bright, young, home-grown innovators – and encouraging them to take responsibility for driving significant change. The participants submitted their ideas online through a microsite developed for the contest at

 The winners were announced under the following categories: Grand Prize, Internet of Things, Digital Government, jury’s choice for each of the two categories and Yahoo Digital Innovation Jockey

The grand prize was awarded to Ajay Kumar Saini, Shanu, Shubham Goel and Roshit Gopinath from Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, for developing “RespirON”, a device attached to an asthma inhaler that helps asthma patients manage their sickness better and live a healthy life. It uses a smartphone application that can generate alerts to relatives and nearby hospitals in case of asthma emergency. It also stores and updates a person’s complete electronic medical history, encourages the patient to follow the proper medication schedule and offers other health tips. The team won a trip to Accenture Technology Labs in China and mentorship sessions with technology leads at Accenture in India.

In the Digital Government category, Neil Mathew from Amity Business School, Delhi, was awarded the prize for Gramseva: Kisan, a mobile application that informs farmers about the correct market value of agricultural commodities. This helps them to bargain effectively with dealers, make informed stocking decisions and access relevant details from their home.

In the Internet of Things category, Team Saviour Suit from Manav Rachna International UniversityFaridabad, comprising of Karan Narula, Anjali Saini, Yogesh Gupta and Roopam Sharma developed a wearable suit designed to help women escape in situations such as sexual assault, abuse or human trafficking. It uses sonic waves to temporarily incapacitate an attacker without causing serious injury. The suit also has a built-in integrated mobile application that, when triggered, through a predetermined verbal code, sends immediate alerts to nearby police stations for help.

The Jury’s choice awards were given to two teams under the above two categories as well:

  •     In the Internet of Things category, Gaurav Nitin Gandhi, Jay Jitendra Visariya, Dhiraj Kaluram Gehlot and Amit Vinod Yadav from K.J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, won the award for their submission called Eco Mappers. It is a small, energy-efficient and inexpensive kit that maps air pollution at different places. It measures air quality, temperature and humidity, as well as the amount of dust, carbon monoxide and noise in an area. It displays real-time information on the EcoMappers website where users can access the readings in an area. It also features a solutions module that can calculate how many plants should be planted in an area to reduce the level of pollution.
  •  In the Digital Government category, Shreenath M, Sundarganesh and Shivaraman Ilango from Easwari Engineering College, Chennai, received the award for developing a “Wireless Intercommunication Network Device”. The system uses radio frequency technology and long-range citizen band communication to prevent security breaches within buildings. It is handy, resistant to tapping and hacking, and can be attached to any person or object. The device is particularly useful in industries that conduct sensitive research and development, such as the nuclear, mining, defense and space sectors.

Yahoo Digital Innovation Jockey award was given to Bhargav Sridhar from NCET, Visveswaraya Technological University, Bangalore, for developing Brick-IT, an intelligent approach to creating infographics from text automatically. The algorithm uses Natural Language Processing to summarize data and develops intuitive infographics in a simple and effective format.

The entries were rigorously evaluated by the panel of judges that included Deepak Ajwani, Deputy Editor and Editor – Online, Forbes India; Lakshmi Pratury, Host, INK Conferences; Arvind Sanjeev, Founder and Chief Innovator, ARS Devices and winner in Innovation Jockeys Season 1; Dr. B.S Satyanarayana, Principal, RV College of Engineering; Hari Vasudev Vice President & Head, Yahoo India R&D; Jeyandran Venugopal, Vice President, Engineering, Yahoo and Sanjeev Vohra, Managing Director, Digital Lead – Global Delivery Network, Accenture.

All winners were awarded trophies and tech gadgets such as iPads, iPods and Google Nexus tablets. The entire awards ceremony waslive tweeted using #InnovationJockeys for all parents, college team mates and other contestants to follow.

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