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Winter hacks to keep you warm and fit

winter-hacks-to-keep-you-warm-and-fitWinters are here already. The season brings with itself the chances of falling ill, and hence we need to be utmost careful with what we do, and how we do things. Paying heed to these will help keep the cold at bay, making you less vulnerable to sickness.

Below are some winter hacks that will keep you fit and healthy throughout the season:

  • Cover your room windows with bubble wrap sheets. This will help add insulation
  • Before going to bed, pre warm it with hot water bag or electric blanket
  • Cut-out wool insoles for your shoes and sandals. This will help keep your foot warm and cozy
  • Keep yourself warm and energized with a warm cup of delicious hot chocolate, everyday
  • Put your ceiling fans in reverse during the winter to move rising heat downward.
  • 12. Use natural sunlight for heating when available by opening curtains/blinds.
  • The battle with winter is a long one, hence keep yourself all prepped up for the season, and win it over. If you also have tips and tricks for the season, do share through your comments below.

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