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With a free check-in system, you can make your office’s front desk smart!

Going digital is critical during this pandemic. So, use digital technology to improve your workplace. Selecting a VMS for your workplace is a critical decision. After spending the money, the Visitor Management Solution you purchase should have all of the necessary features and function properly. As a result, in this post, we will provide you with a list of some features that you should look for in a digital visitor management system.

Here are the some of the advanced new features of visitor management system:-

1. Cloud based system

This is a cloud-based system. It is critical that the visitor management systems you select have Cloud Storage. The data that your visitors enter will be safe and accessible to be analyzed at any time in a cloud-powered VMS. As a result, your receptionists will no longer be responsible for data entry. A paper-based visitor management mechanism, on the other hand, is not secure, and anyone in the workplace can obtain information about clients, contractors, and secret information.

2. Touchless Check-in

You should consider a VMS that comes with a QR scan check-in feature free check in system is a reliable companies that 0ffer you Visitor Management software with the QR Scan Check-in. In this feature, when a visitor arrives at your reception then he or she needs to scan the QR code placed on the reception desk by using their smartphone. After scanning, the registration or check-in form will open, where they must fill out all of the information and obtain permission to schedule a meeting with an employee. As a result, even during a pandemic, using this QR Scan Check-in feature is safe because the visitor will not touch any surface.

  1. Digital Document Signature

A dependable VMS also safeguards data by requiring colleagues to sign NDAs and other authorized agreements via Digital Document Signature. As a result, it is a useful feature because it reduces the number of files and other documents that are lying around the reception desk. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time by quickly simplifying the paperwork.

4. Customize Visitor Badges

Badge printing is also a feature of Visitor Management solutions. Regardless of whether a visitor completes the check-in on arrival, customized ID badges can be printed quickly. Furthermore, ID badges can be scanned in many cases to gain access to zones at control points that have been configured to grant authorization.

5. Contactless attendance system

Many businesses also look for a Contactless attendance system feature. This system includes a face recognition service for identifying workers’ faces and taking attendance using face biometrics. It also keeps track of the information gathered and provides a detailed report on employee attendance.

# Conclusion

VMS is important in many ways in any workplace. So, before making a decision to purchase a visitor management system, you should consider all of the features listed above. Furthermore, this will ensure a positive visitor management systems experience while also providing security to the premises.

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