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With Bonita’s retractable clothesline reel Delight, drying clothes gets easy

 The clothesline reel can be affixed and taken off at will, making it possible to use any available space for drying anywhere

New Delhi, March, 2015: It may appear to be an innocuous daily routine, but drying clothes is a major task in our daily lives that we cannot do away with. And when you have limited space in your homes, you have to measure every inch of drying space to fit in the wet clothes. However, with home utility maker Bonita’s latest product DELIGHT, the chore is set to become easier.

DELIGHT is Bonita’s new offering for closer and tighter urban homes that need intelligent product designing and placing. A retractable clothesline reel, which can be fixed wherever you want, and removed at will, DELIGHT is a wonderful makeshift clothes drying arrangement that can come handy in times of emergency.

While your daily moderate drying can be done at the regular drying stand placed mostly in the balconies, there are days when it becomes really troublesome to find spaces for drying the clothes. Who doesn’t know the scurrying for cover when it rains, or the futility of leaving clothes out under the sky during extreme winter? Besides, when you are hosting guests at your home, the laundry can turn out to be much more than the usual daily amount.

 This is when Bonita’s DELIGHT will serve you well. A strong sunlight resistant plastic clothesline fitted to holder that can be safely affixed to any wall, DELIGHT can become a wonderful clothes hanger wherever you need it. Vertical space is all that it needs.

So, if you have space in your living room, you can convert it into a clothes drying area by night, as you sleep. The clothes, along with the fitting can be removed the next morning. This will also spare you the effort of pulling in chairs and other movable objects from all over the house to tuen them into drying stands by night.

The clothes reel is made of U.V. resistant plastics and is safe against sunlight as well. So, you can also leave it affixed on the terrace of your building, without worrying about environmental damage to it. It is safe and secure at any length upto 40 feet.

Available in two colors — blue and purple — you can pick and chose the one that matches your home decor. It can be used anywhere, anytime of the year and gives you a clean look. It can also be very useful to carry when you are travelling out. You never know when you may need a mechanism to dry your clothes.

The best part about the product is that it is retractable and does not use permanent space. It also looks much better than the makeshift wires we populate our balcony spaces with, destroying the decor of our living spaces.


Bonita’s DELIGHT is available at an affordable price of Rs 895/-

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