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With IPL 2021 Arriving, Prepare your Dream Team on This Platform- Get Discounts on your First Match

In a country that breathes cricket, having a fantasy game for the same that leads you to making some real cash, shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you tag yourself as an ace cricket player (or even not) you can try your luck at these online fantasy game portals and win lofty sums of cash during IPL 2021.

A perfect amalgamation of entertainment and earning, these online fantasy games sites even allow you to deploy some distinctive coupon codes in order to ameliorate your savings further. If you are just starting off , you might get slightly daunted seeing the overwhelming number of gaming portals. Thus, comes the need to choose the best, hence comes Gamezy.

What keeps Gamezy apart from the rest is the way it aims to broaden the scope of winners instead of just limiting it (like you’d find in most of the online fantasy apps). Launched in 2017, Gamezy ardently strives to transform the overall gaming experience of its users.

Gamezy : Key Features

Like we mentioned above, one of the top features of Gamezy is how it prioritizes and expands the winning range for its users.

In addition to earning real cash prizes, players can also bag lofty rewards or discount coupons from specific brands. All you have to do is keep track and participate in all the latest contents within the Gamzey app.

You can also take part in its pre-launch activities to snag some really bulky cash prices. That’s just not it, the app also offers 8 multiple languages for the convenience of its users.

How To Earn Money Via Gamezy?

Get on board on this fantasy game app for free and get guaranteed cash prizes with each play. Winners will also get a chance to walk away with Rs. 1 lakh in what is known as the “Winsure contest.”.

If this is your first time trying Gamezy, you can even use the Gamezy coupon code “GAMEZY100” to enjoy 100% bonus on your first deposit. New users can also join a Mega Contest by adding cash and utilizing the redeemed bonus. The Mega contest cashbacks will reflect in the wallet within 24 hrs.You can imagine how well you’d be earning when you start-off is this good.

Create Your Dream Team Online

There are innumerable ways for you to create your fantasy cricket game. However, the ground requirement for all would be a well set list of players. You’d be required to to play with 11 players which would consist of 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen,1 wicket-keeper and 1 all-rounder.

Followed by that you can choose a combo of any alteration of bowlers and batsmen to compile your team and start playing. However, it would be extremely significant for you to understand the unpredictability of each player, since they would be the one grabbing points to help your team win. So choose wisely!

Understand the Role Of Your Player

Choosing your team players demands a severe amount of understanding and all their gaming aspects. For picking the batsmen, you must pick the ones you are at the top of the order for it is only there that they exhibit their utmost batting potential, which in turn would benefit your team. The higher the batman is in the order, the greater your chances of getting him to score well.

For the  bowlers you can pick those who have wicket-taking ability rather than containing ability. That’s because while they are busing making runs, the wickets they take carry a lot of significance in the team.

As far as all-rounders are concerned, choosing them could be a bit tricky since they often times, play at the middle of the batting order. While choosing them make sure they are able to contribute more with the ball since that’s where their ability lies.

All in all, it is recommended to keep an eye on the overall performance of the player over the last few games. That’s because a good form is the sole factor that goes into each player’s capability and his ultimate potential to score more points. So, be doubly sure to flash through their previous few game performances and score so as to choose their roles accordingly and have less to worry about.


Who would have thought that playing your favorite could render you unlimited benefits? All you would be required to do is pick the right platform and choose the right team. Albeit the perks and reward points at Gamezy are astounding enough, you can still boost it up with the available Gamezy coupons and offers. So download the app and get started today!


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