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Woman takes home new car after kissing it for 50 hours

In a bizarre contest organized by Austin radio station 96.7 KISS FM, a woman has emerged as the winner and is now the proud owner of a brand new car. The contest was quite simple in theory; contestants would have to keep their lips touching the sedan and the one who does this the longest would win the contest. It sounds easy, but if you ask contestants, they will tell you how difficult it is, especially when considering the fact that you may have to spend hours with your lips touching the sedan.

The winner of the contest was 30-year-old woman Dilini Jayasuriya from Austin. And she certainly needs to be congratulated since she kept kissing the car for a marathon fifty hours. There were a total of 20 enthusiastic contestants, but none of them could match the patience, perseverance and determination of Dilini. Some contestants started with great spirit, but as minutes turned into hours, they all kept falling back due to one reason or another. Some complained about blisters whereas others were affected by back aches. Dilini was the last one standing and now she owns the new 2017 KIA Optima LX, worth more than $23,000.

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