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Women and children can use washrooms at South Delhi hotels for free

In a trend-setting move, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has announced that women and children can now use toilets and washrooms available at any hotel or restaurant in South Delhi. This service will be entirely free and will be available from Monday. The decision was taken keeping in view the shortage of public toilets and the pain that women often have to bear. This initiative was to be launched on April 1, but it got delayed due to Delhi municipal elections.

The decision by SDMC has been welcomed by the restaurants association of India. Association members said that it would be an opportunity to preserve the dignity of women. Speaking on the development, president of the Restaurants Association of India Riyaaz Amlani said, “We stand for the dignity of women. The lack of sufficient number of public toilets in marketplaces has them tolerate pain. We will allow all women and children to use our facilities.”

It may be recalled that South Delhi has nearly 35,000 hotels and restaurants. So, the initiative will prove hugely beneficial for women and children. Hotels and restaurants in South Delhi will now display a notice outside the premises, stating that women and children can use their toilet facilities for free.

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