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Women Driving Change – using Social Media to create Stereotype Free Content

As we talk about gender equality in the workplace and gender equality at almost all places either way. Creating an environment of that sorts in an agency like ours is very important.

Content creation, especially in a biased industry like marketing and advertising, wherein an agency like J Walter Thompson London, 44.7% people hiring, prefer men (Source: ). We see that we are so far from bridging the gap. Content that smashes the stereotype of women that elucidates the fact that women should just be confined to the kitchen, or women being always the second option in any industry is something that we want to challenge.

A lot of campaigns like Ariel’s “Sharing the load” or “Women having a bloody period” by BodyForm are content that we need to promote and support and create more often.

Another point that we as an agency would like to emphasize is that we are creating a stereotype free work environment in the agency. Driven by a woman, we are not only proud as an agency but are in awe to see the amount of creativity and resilience that the women in our agency possess.

Content creation is an art and anyone in the world can possess it. Creativity sees no gender, and leadership isn’t just a man’s cup of tea. Women at the forefront making content and judging content that is created and hence adding more and more to the direct marketing experience is very important.

Improvement of the status of women in the agency life is very important, and very rightfully asked too. Our worth is proven by the work we put on the table on not our gender.

As a long-standing agency in the market, our key is to promote a stereotype free work environment and are creating content that has a powerful impact online. Seeing no barriers in terms of gender, and being the best at our jobs.

In conversation with Ankita Mahabir, Founder, Socially India

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