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Womenkind’: Plight, that has missed our sight…

“Strong Walls shake, but never collapse”

Covid-19 Pandemic has put a halt on the whole mankind. Are we so pretermitting to acknowledge the plight of this severely? The halt has been put on the whole humankind. This natural or man-made Covid-19 Pandemic has contributed significantly to the lives of people of our nation. But, the subsequent impact of lock-down has definitely been disparate for women and men. Women, the most divine creatures on this planet has always been admired and reverenced, nevertheless aren’t we the most vulnerable section of the society? Seems like women have been walking through fire since the sacred sacrificial fire of yagyayagaseni, better called as Draupdi which occurred in the Indian historic Mahabharata . This lock-down was meant to protect us and everyone from the global crisis yet, the women are continuously relegated to unending household chores especially in joint families now, when the whole family is present. In the meanwhile, there are certain women for whom the lock-down is meaningless. These laid off poor ladies still have to walk long rails to get water for the family or may have to sell vegetables to make the family feed. Also, a new shadow pandemic of domestic violence has thrived in the condition which was created to cure COVID pandemic. The National Commission for Women has recorded a quadripartite increase in domestic sexual violence and abuse across the country, with the body receiving 257 calls in the final week of March as opposed to 116 calls in the first week.Although the real number has been repudiated due to lock-down, it actually contributes tremendously in domestic violence cases while taking the edge off for a woman to escape. The one who could have sought shelter elsewhere on any normal day, is now helpless; she had to stay locked with her abuser; cannot access medical help in the current scenario, because the travel is disallowed and you aren’t allowed to access any medical help when it is not “essential”.  In the intervening period of time we can neither neglect the helplessness and fear of travelling, even at the utmost need as, “risk of catching the virus anywhere” is pretty prominent. We have been facing the concern of gender divergence and domestic violence since ages and to some extent it is indelible to consider this issue in the current milieu. But it should not be an inducement in lock-down nor should we become inconsiderate towards it, while fixing the pandemic. I do realize the importance of quarantine, but it need not aggravate women’s skewed balance of household chores and domestic violence further.  Seeking a solution to this criticality may not be an easy task currently, but it’ll still be imperative if we consider it. The lock-down have undeniably ushered some pragmatic and efficacious footprints on our society by ways of bringing the most alluring side of the typical orthodox stereotypes, we have seen a new meaning of communication; there are stories of men indulging in pursuits of babysitting, cooking, helping their wives and mothers in household chores and many other manoeuvres. Our whole humankind is evolving into being humans rather than human beings. Here, I’m seeking a sight for the plight of those who just went unnoticed in more consequential scenario of covid-19. A woman is the strongest creature on this planet and has never beseeched nor entreated for their plight. Nonetheless, this lock-down has given birth to something infelicitous which certainly needs our dedicated contemplation. Let’s share an alluring belief of optimism and put our insistence into engendering a world which is impregnable and innocuous for whole humankind. By dint of initiation through “Womankind”. The paradigm of our living has already been shifted to a more valued and treasured realm, precisely just a section needs our ministration…So, let’s consummate this through synchronized communication and responsive helplines.

The pandemic has impacted our lives in the most brutal way and some women of our society have been stricken in the worst manner. Therefore, an imperative consideration and an approach that apprehends the requisites of women especially women placed at different economic levels, their needs and basic amenities will have a meaningful recommencement of our “humankind”. Through this little step perhaps we might see our country a safer place for women; perhaps men truly acknowledge the deeds of women and not treat it as an issue of castrate and perhaps we will thrive to fortify our system. Covid-19, with its potential has moved our planet to the edge of disaster. From here either our humankind will fall into the pit of disaster or we can move forward towards an unprejudiced and safer world.

BY:  Ms. Chhavi Auplish, Communication & Strategy Lead – HEAL Group

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