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Won’t feed frenzy, report idly on SSR’s death investigation, says Bisbo

Mumbai, 03rd September 2020: In contrast to multiple media channels, Bisbo had already announced that it will not cover actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise on its YouTube network. The network, which has over 1.6 million subscribers across its ten language channels, provides animated news content on current affairs through explainer videos.

“We don’t believe in exploiting someone’s personal tragedy. Commenting on the actor’s death, his relationship with his family and his mental state is an invasion of his privacy, is sensationalism in absolute, poor taste and goes against all journalistic ethics”, said Shakir Ebrahim, the founder and creator of Bisbo.

“Even though we’ve received hundreds of comments asking for an explainer on the actor’s death, we will not take it up unless foul play is confirmed and we said so publicly in so many words when replying to persistent requests.”, he added.

Ebrahim also cited how the very case itself, went against journalistic norms around the reportage of suicides, a point recently raised by the Indian Press Council as well. We’d surely get eyeballs and subscribers, but that shouldn’t be the motive of our existence. “, he further added.

The Indian Press Council recently admonished nearly all media outlets -newspapers, TV channels, websites, and digital news platforms for the rabid media trial of SSR’s family and his former girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty. Aspersion on the actor’s character, Rhea’s personality and that of others in the film industry have led to a lot of insightful remarks and fake news against everyone involved.

“The media is advised not to conduct its parallel trial or foretell the decision to avoid pressure during investigation and trial,” said the Press Council in a statement on the matter. It had also pointed out that a bulk of the coverage violated all norms around the reportage of suicides.

The Bisbo India network covers news as comprehensive explainers that their team of journalists put together. Their production team includes 20 full-time illustrators and animators who draw each screen individually. Clocking 5-10 million views per month, their deeply researched content also acts as reference material for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

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