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Woodays Greenhub: A New Entry in Kufri’s Hospitality Arcade

woodays hut cafe in ice

Mr.Avesh Sharma,Founder and CMO of Woodays Greenhub, Kufri is a pioneer in the marketing industry. He has been working as a marketing professional for more than 10 years. Mr.Avesh completed his gradation in Bachelors of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering and after that; he pursued his Master’s in Business Administration from the very reputed, Himachal University. He started his career as a Product Manager in Spice Digital and after tenure of 7 years; he joined Intex Technologies as a Product Manager. In 2017, Mr.Avesh decided to take a major shift from marketing to hospitality.That’s when; he and his four friends started conceptualizing the blue print of Woodays Greenhub. The journey was not easy as it was a brick and mortar model with initial bootstrapping required and that too starting off a venture not in the conventional tech hubs of India, but their instinct kept them going. In 2018, he decided to join Ecorentacaras Strategic Alliance Marketing Head, where he utilized his spare time and post office hours to burn the midnight oil for Woodays, a brand close to his heart.

The team’s venture,Woodays is “The Village”, a wooden cottage facility experience in the picturesque highlands of Kufri. More than a destination, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Located in the isolated never land wilderness of Shimla near Kufri, the hub brings a traveller close to nature.Ranging from heavenly morning sunrays to serene mountains, the place speaks in its own blissful way, and pure air that filters out city’s dust from your soul. It’s a mélange of Himachali food, horse ride on narrow village lanes, adrenaline rush through some exciting adventure activities and ending the day with that old good days talk around bonfire in the heart of mountains. The whole idea is to give the guests an experience of a traditional Himachali village livelihood ranging from cuisines, ambience, bonfires and much more. Going forward, roadmap is to build “The Village” as a brand with presence across various Himalayan tourist destinations filled in with their local flavors wherein each property shall have the best in class unique local experience. Along with this, another key focus of the team is to generate employment for the local villagers by involving them in the startup in one way or other. The team has a long term plan to work around other corridors, including agriculture, organic farming once their first baby “The Village” stands on its feet. The idea is to leverage the digital and tech innovations in the field for Travel, Agriculture and other corridors and explore new synergies.

With his venture Woodays Greenhub,Mr. Avesh wants to inspire all the budding entrepreneurs who want to start something new on their own and are passionate to face the adventures. He believes that passion, creativity, and resilience are the most crucial skills required in a person. If you’ve got those, you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey.

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